Mallika Dua On #MeToo Claim Against Father Vinod Dua

Mallika Dua On #MeToo Claim Against Father Vinod Dua
Mallika Dua On #MeToo Claim Against Father Vinod Dua

After media veteran Vinod Dua was named on the weekend in the #MeToo campaign, his daughter Mallika Dua, a popular face on social media, said she was in solidarity with the movement and supported the voices but added that even though it was not her battle to fight, she would “stand by” her father.

The Wire quoted Mr Dua, a consulting editor at the news website, as denying the allegations and said he will be releasing a statement soon.

Mallika Dua’s statement on Instagram, addressed to documentary filmmaker Nishtha Jain who accused Vinod Dua of sexually harassing her almost three decades ago, opens with her endorsement of the movement in which she said, “If at all my father is truly guilty of what you described, it is unacceptable, traumatic and painful.”


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Ms Dua promises to stand up against bigotry, misogyny and stand up for survivors. “Nothing gets to kill my vibe,” she added.

However, she lashed out at the filmmaker for dragging her into the matter which she said was “in terrible taste” and then asked “everyone else” to “stop forcing women to give statements for your entertainment”.

“This is NOT my battle to fight. It is not MY responsibility, my shame or my burden. I will deal with this my way on my time,” she wrote.

She wrapped the post by saying she would not let objectives, ideals and purpose be hijacked by shamers.

Nishtha Jain alleges that the journalist used to stalk her. The filmmaker recalled how Vinod Dua blasted Akshay Kumar for his sexist remarks on her daughter Mallika.

She wrote, “When I read about his outrage against Akshay Kumar’s sexist words to his daughter Malika Dua, I said to myself he’s obviously forgotten that he was no less sexist, no less misogynist, no less creepy a sexual harasser, potential rapist. If he did to me, I’m sure he would have done it to other women. Today, he does programmes explaining (to) the world what constitutes sexual harassment. He should stop everything and look into his own shady past.”


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