Bigg Boss 12 Housemates Target Megha Dhade For Captaincy Battle!

Watch: Bigg Boss 12 Housemates target Megha Dhade as she competes with Deepak Thakur for captaincy
Watch: Bigg Boss 12 Housemates target Megha Dhade as she competes with Deepak Thakur for captaincy

Captaincy task in the Bigg Boss house and the task is not an easy deal. Everyone is trying to give their best. Deepak Thakur, Somi Khan and Meghna Dhade were contending for captaincy task and Shivashish was chosen as moderator. The objective of the captaincy task was to stay inside the make belief train compartment until their task is over but there is a catch.

During the captaincy task, contenders Deepak, Somi and Megha were asked to get on a train and the rest of the housemates were participating as vendors. While many commoners were seen targeting the new wildcard Megha, celebrities were seen giving green chillies and chilly sauce to Deepak. Things took an ugly turn when Srishty Rode asked Somi to drink tabasco sauce. While her sister Saba Khan requested the housemates to not cross boundaries during the task, the housemates asked Somi to get down of the train if she is unable to handle the task. After trying hard, Somi gives up and walks out of the task.

Watch: Bigg Boss 12 Housemates target Megha Dhade as she competes with Deepak Thakur for captaincy
Bigg Boss 12

The first person to get on the train was wild card entrant Rohit Suchanti. He gave wasabi to Megha. The next one was Romil. He gave her a sipper of water. Dipika and Srishty talked to Sreesanth in the bedroom regarding making Deepak the captain and troubling him by refusing to work.

Housemates got into an argument regarding Shivashish’s move of not allowing spoon in the train. Jasleen and Surbhi got into a heated argument which escalates into a major brawl.

Srishty gave chillies to Deepak which he ate. Urvashi was the next to get on the train. She asked Megha to eat bitter gourd. Rohit was the next one to enter and he asked her to eat wasabi. Megha did not wish to bow down. She puked from the train.

Srishty was the next one to get on the train. Somi was asked to drink a glass of chilly flake. She got restless and her sister Saba got agitated, too. Sreesanth gives chillies to Somi. Romil applied honey on Somi’s hand and Dipika caught him. The housemates got annoyed with Romil. Somi walked out of the race. Sreesanth discussed with Romil about breaking the rule.

However, it seems that the new wildcard in the house, Megha, is the new target as she is given challenges to eat and drink spicy food one after the other.

In the preview, Megha is also seen getting into an ugly spat with Deepak as both of them try to get rid of their competition.

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