Megha Slams Rohit & Deepak, Compares The Show With BB Marathi

Megha Dhade lashes out at Deepak Thakur and also compares Bigg Boss Marathi with Bigg Boss 12! Read in details!
Megha Dhade lashes out at Deepak Thakur and also compares Bigg Boss Marathi with Bigg Boss 12! Read in details!

After the nominations were called off last week, double evictions took place in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode. Megha was nominated by Bigg Boss for misbehaving with her co-contestant Deepak Thakur during the ‘Breaking News’ task when he provoked her with certain inappropriate words. Infuriated, Megha flung her slippers on the ground which bounced and hit Deepak.

After coming out of the house, Megha Dhade expressed a sense of discontent as she told Indian Express, “I am too shocked and upset. I cannot fathom the fact that I am out.

I did not even spit on him but was telling him ‘thoo hai tujhpe’- Megha on the issue of spitting
 Megha Dhade SLAMS Rohit & Deepak, Also Compares The Show with Bigg Boss Marathi
Megha & Deepak in Bigg Boss 12

Being the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi, Megha believed that the audiences wanted her to win Bigg Boss 12 as she said, “I was really having a good run in Bigg Boss. I am sure the audience also believed that I deserved to be in the finale. There are people like Rohit Suchanti and Deepak Thakur still in the house, while me and Jasleen are out. It’s really sad.”

However, Megha Dhade feels that it is unfair that people like Deepak and Rohit Suchanti are still inside the house while she has been eliminated. “Deepak should have also been punished. While I was fine with being nominated, carrying it forward to another week was really unfair. And I am amazed that someone as unruly as Deepak is still in the show, while I am out. I can’t believe people voted for him. It’s astonishing for me that they are supporting him. I want to clarify that I never flung the shoe at Deepak. Instead I threw it on the floor which bounced and hit Jasleen. I did not even spit on him but was telling him ‘thoo hai tujhpe’. Deepak made it such a big issue that I got punished. People got to see my reactions but no one realised what led me to go so far. He is a disgusting person and has no respect for any woman in the house,” said Megha. Also Read: Gauhar & Salman Khan Scold Megha For Spitting & Throwing Shoe!

What are the biggest differences she found between Bigg Boss 12 and Bigg Boss Marathi?

“There is a huge difference between Marathi and Hindi Bigg Boss. The Marathi one was more organic and people were very dignified. Their behaviour was very good. There were celebrities from the Marathi industry, people knew each other and their struggle stories and had a lot of respect for each other’s position and profession.

The game in Big Boss Marathi was played in a much more dignified manner than Bigg Boss 12. Fights during tasks would get over within tasks, nobody carried it forward. But here, in Hindi Bigg Boss, I don’t know why contestants think that pulling each other down will help them become superior. They are also very calculative, with every move they would think how it will look on television and how will it look on the camera even if it was making relations with someone. I found people losing their originality. Even after staying there for so many days, I couldn’t figure out the real nature of contestants.” said Megha. Also Read: Everything Was A Lie? Jasleen Makes Shocking Revelation After Eviction

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