8 Unsolved & Mysterious Deaths of Indian Celebrities That Shook The Nation

8 unsolved & mysterious deaths of Bollywood stars
8 unsolved & mysterious deaths of Bollywood stars

The world of big screen looks very beautiful from a distance. The dream of becoming a part of it is usually seen in every girl and boy. But it shines with beautiful cheers is just an imagination. In reality it is full of darkness. Everyone in this glamorous world wants to reach the glory of fame while making his name. But look at the history of this Bollywood, the fame became heavy on many stars.

Today, we will be talking about the 8 stars of Bollywood, who got a lot of prominence in their time, but when they got stuck in the dark glamorous world, their situation became very pathetic. They had no one at the last moment of their life. Not only this, the death of these stars became a mystery. Let’s know about these actresses.

1. Divya Bharti Case

Death of these stars became a mystery

Like Sridevi, Divya Bharti had emerged as a star in the 90’s, she became a superstar in a very young age, but she cheated on Bollywood completely, she had fallen off from apartment’s fifth floor floor. Police investigated the case but found out that she had committed suicide or it was an accident. But her fans still think that her husband Sajid Nadiadwala is behind the death of Divya.

2. Tragic end of Parveen Babi

Death of these stars became a mystery

Parveen was the first Bollywood actress to appear on the cover of Time Magazine. Her end is also under question, Parveen Bobby was found dead in his flat in Mumbai in suspicious circumstances. According to sources, her death was due to hunger. In his last hour, she was battling with many diseases.

3. Jiah Khan case

Death of these stars became a mystery

The case of Jiah Khan is still going on in the court. Jiah Khan’s body was found hanging in her flat on June 3, 2013, her mother alleged that she was not a suicide but a murder. Rabia blamed actor Aditya Pancholi’s son, Sooraj Pancholi, who was Jiah’s boyfriend, for her death. Pages from Jiah’s diary where the actor had written about her unhappy relationship were also produced in the court.

4. Shikha Joshi

Death of these stars became a mystery

Shikha Joshi was an actress who was seen in BA Pass film. The film was packed with controversy due to its bold content, after this Shikha committed suicide. She hanged herself in her flat in Mumbai.

Her family members say that this is a conspiracy, but police got nothing in investigation.

5. Sayyam Khanna

Death of these stars became a mystery

Shyam Khanna, a beautiful actress struggling to get a good movie in the film industry, also committed suicide in 2013 by hanging from a fan in her house. The mystery of her death is also unresolved. Police did not get any facts about the cause of suicide. She has worked in the movie “The Haunted House”. Her second film “The Last Horror” could not release for some reason.

She was one of India’s top models who died a tragic death. Viveka hung herself from the ceiling fan in her flat. She had left a diary which eerily said ‘I kill’. It is suspected that a spat with her boyfriend pushed her to the edge.

6. Pratyusha Banerjee

Death of these stars became a mystery

The ‘Balika Vadhu’ small screen actress committed suicide at her Mumbai residence in 2016. But her parents and close friends blamed her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh for her untimely demise. Rohit was blamed for not helping her through depression and extorting money from her.

7. Nafisa Joseph

Death of these stars became a mystery

In 2014, at the age of 26, Nafisa Joseph the popular TV actress, model and VJ, took her own life.

Her family cried foul and still do. The media reports suggest she committed suicide because of her failed relationship, however; her family still is not ready to accept it because according to them she was a courageous woman who couldn’t possibly even think of about it

8. Meena Kumari

Death of these stars became a mystery

Meena Kumari, who got the title of Bollywood queen, acted in more than 90 films throughout her life.

She worked with all the veterans of her era and played a key role in the historical films. However, her personal life was full of confusion and suspense. It is said despite being successful in her career, she used to consume alcohol. Her married life was also ruined. Meena too was a victim of instant triple talaq.

Meena Kumari ruled the world of Indian cinema until her death in 1972 due to liver cirrhosis. It is still not clear why she chose alcohol over her successful career.

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