The lovely permanent roommates are back with a truth dare game!

permanent roommates
permanent roommates

TVF (The viral fever) is back with a bang having Mikesh and Tanya cute fight in the famous web series permanent roommates. Sumeet vyas and Nidhi Singh both stars done all previous episodes of permanent roommates which was like a bang in the social media with huge number of views.This time TVF comes up with a Diwali gift for all.

permanent roommates
permanent roommates

This time its a small clip in which both stars are playing truth and dare with each other with the support of their maid.All the scenes are superb and have the foremost sense humour in it.

Sumeet and Nidhi the chemistry between both of these is very prominent.In this video You can spot the expression and the dialogue delivery of both stars.The maid which is shown in this video is playing a very funny character and giving another bearing to the short clip.

In the end both are wishing everyone for this Diwali in a cute way.

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The concept is expressing the crazy and stupid fights between husband wife.This is the actual reason why permanent roommates is giving a heart warming experience to the viewers who are married and have these same fights in their home.

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