Bigg Boss11: Hina Accuses Vikas of Touching Her Inappropriately

Bigg Boss 11

The friendships in Bigg Boss 11 is changing. In the latest teaser of Bigg Boss 11, The ‘egg task’ has led to fight amongst Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta. While playing the game, they end up falling together.

A teaser was uploaded by Colors TV

Hina accuses Vikas of getting physical while performing the task

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

Hina said Vikas touched her inappropriately. Vikas defends himself and says that Hina takes advantage of being a woman. Hina’s fans immediately started defending her on twitter whereas some fans supported Vikas and said he was falsely accused by Hina. See all the trending reactions.

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A fan supporting Hina

Vikas also got some support

Hina poking Vikas for no reason?

Vikas is the real man

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What do you think? Did Vikas really touch Hina Khan in an inappropriate manner or it was just a misunderstanding? Tell us in the comments section! Your views are welcomed! 


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