Most Controversial Video of Preity Zinta’s Take on #MeToo Goes Viral!

Preity Zinta is being trolled for an interview on #MeToo! Watch Video and see response!
Preity Zinta is being trolled for an interview on #MeToo! Watch Video and see response!

Entertainment website Bollywood Hungama posted a video interview with Preity on its YouTube channel on Friday. In the nearly 5-minute video, Preity is talking at length about her take on the ongoing #MeToo movement.

Expressing her views on India’s #MeToo movement, which has seen many a stalwart such as Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Subhash Kapoor, Vikas Bahl, Subhash Ghai, Anu Malik and Rajat Kapoor fall, Preity said Bollywood is “very safe” for women. “People treat you the way you want to be treated. If I am ready to say I am ready to do anything, then why would a guy not do anything. But when I say this is my work, keep it all professional… No guy has ever misbehaved with me. Having said that, I don’t want to talk about ignorance, I became successful in my first attempt, Dil Se, Soldier became blockbuster, Kya Kehna became a game changer,” she said.

Preity also said, “All these films were commercial hits. Nobody messes with you as now you have already succeeded. You can be a ‘no nonsense’ girl but if you are not successful, maybe there are people in position of power who can misuse it. But if you are not willing to fly with it, no one is going to force themselves (on you), that’s what I think, maybe there are some creepy people,” she said. The actor said she has always felt comfortable in Bollywood. “I have never experienced that in the industry, it is one of the safest places. If anything is happening to a girl, there is media. In no other industry, they have this. Also, action has been taken. The problem is also judicial system.”

Angered by the social media backlash, Preity tweeted on Monday, “Really sad 2see how the interview Is edited to trivialis& be insensitive. Not everything is traction & as someone being interviewed I expected decency & maturity froma journalist @iFaridoon. I did 25 interviews that day & only yours turned out edited like this #dissappointed (sic).”

Preity Zinta is being trolled for an interview on #MeToo!
Preity Zinta is being trolled for an interview on #MeToo!

On the work front, Preity will make her comeback after five years with Neerraj Pathak’s comedy Bhaiaji Superhit. She will be seen as Sapna Dubey, the gun-toting wife of an eccentric gangster, played by Sunny Deol.

Talking about her return to the big screen, Preity had said at the India Today Conclave East 2018, “I had actually thought that I am done with films. In fact, I went to producers and directors telling them that it was great working with them, and I would now concentrate on my journey as an entrepreneur. Then one day Sunny, called up and I told him I have stopped acting. He said, ‘Do this film for me’ and I couldn’t say no.”

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