I am Pure Virgin: 9 Ridiculous Statements By Rakhi Sawant

9 Times Rakhi Sawant Proved That Her Brain Is Controlled By Aliens
9 Times Rakhi Sawant Proved That Her Brain Is Controlled By Aliens

Do you know Drama  Queen Rakhi Sawantonce compaed her to JLo and Madonna and she continues to be the one we love to hate. Rakhi has a new way of attracting the limelight. Her bizarre statements.

It is said, there is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary. So, let’s just not be judgmental for a change, and look through how this motor-mouth manages to leave us awestruck all the time!

For the love of ‘Jejus’ please spare a moment to review her achievements so far ! Read 9 bizarre statements from her that will want you give her a standing ovation!

9 Times Rakhi Sawant Proved That Her Brain Is Controlled By Aliens9 Times Rakhi Sawant Proved That Her Brain Is Controlled By Aliens
Rakhi Sawant
Sunny Leone get lost from my India

Okay, she said this when she found out that Sunny Leone wears skimpy clothes. She also claimed that she should go because girls resort to such measures because of her!

Aamir Khan and I are similar

So Rakhi Sawant has this gut feeling that she is similar to Mr Perfectionist! Why?She has her reasons ready! She added, ” Neither of us has ever got an award but then we have have credits from our audience.”

On Salman’s comment when he said ‘he feel like a raped woman’

During the promotion of ‘Sultan’ when Salman Khan said that he feels like a raped woman after coming out of the ring, Rakhi gave her opinion when asked. She said, “I don’t think that Salman said this. He has only done lip movements, and somebody else has done dubbing of the said comments.”

Jo Bhagwan nahi deta wo doctor deta hai

So before you jump into any conclusion, let us tell you that this was her take on cosmetic surgery. She said it on Kjo’s couch!

I think you can compare me with Jennifer Lopez, Madonna…you know international singers

Rakhi said this when she was compared with Sunny Leone. Kudos to Ms Sawant’s vision!

I loved Salman’s episode and even I am also virgin

When Salman Khan made the statement of being virgin, she graced her fans with her response on it and this is what she said!

Tanushree Dutta raped me

In the wake of #MeToo movement, the queen of controversy said in a statement that Tanushree Dutta is a Lesbian and she raped Rakhi Sawant many times and touched her in improper manner.

On the death of Pratyusha Banarjee

In April 2017 , famous TV actress Pratyusha Banarjee committed suicide by hanging herself through a ceiling fan. During a press conference Rakhi Sawant commented over Pratyusha’s death and said, “PM Modi should ban the ceiling fans in the country as women of our country are committing suicides by hanging themselves through ceiling fans.”

Marriage Proposal for Baba Ramdev

Rakhi didn’t even spare Baba Ramdev and offered a marriage proposal to him. In 2011 she said, “I have no problem in marrying Baba Ramdev. I find him very hot and sexy. Once I’ll get married to him, his eye will stop pulsating.”

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