Robert Downey Jr In Real Life Charity Close To His Heart:- 16 Turning Points Of His Life

Robert Downey Jr In Real Life Charity Close To His Heart:- 16 Turning Points Of His Life
Robert Downey Jr In Real Life Charity Close To His Heart:- 16 Turning Points Of His Life

There’s no question about his talent. He resurrected his flailing career with ‘Iron-Man’. Not just resurrected, but he became the world’s most paid actor. Now, that’s what we call as a comeback. Over the course of his long career, he has been a part of some great movies. But today, we are not going to talk about that. We will look into some interesting and fun facts from his life that you may not be aware of.

In Real Life
In Real Life
  1. Acting is in his blood. He’s the son of director Robert Downey Sr. and actress Elsie Downey and made his debut in his father’s film, Pound (1990). Robert played a puppy.
  2. Robert Elias Jr.? His family name was Elias until his father changed it to Downey in the 1950s.
  3. The future action star studied ballet at the age of 10.
  4. Bright lights, big city! When Robert was 16, he quit school and moved back to New York to start his acting career. His first gigs were in off-Broadway plays.
  5. Robert married his first wife, singer Deborah Falconer after dating for just 42 days. They have a son Indio, now 21.
  6. The actor wrote and starred in his first documentary The Last Party in 1993.
  7. Robert did drug the first time with his father when he was a child and fell into a cycle of addiction. He spent four months in jail in 1997 and another year in 1999 for drug possession.

    with family
    with family
  8. We swooned for him as Calista Flockhart’s love interest Larry Paul on Ally McBeal. Robert won a Golden Globe for the role but was written off the show in 2001 because of his personal issues.
  9. It isn’t easy becoming a member of Hollywood’s 20 Million Club (stars who earn more than $20 million per film), but Robert did just thanks to the success of the Iron Man franchise.
  10. Tinseltown loves a comeback story and Robert has thanked Mel Gibson for reviving his career. Mel cast Robert in a small role in 2003’s The Singing Detective.
  11. Vive l’amour. Robert met his now-wife Susan in 2003 on the Montreal set of the movie Gothika. He credits her for helping him maintain his sobriety.
  12. After a two-year engagement, Susan and Robert married in the Hamptons (a favourite vacation spot of Robert’s) in August 2005. They have two children – a son Exton, 3, and a daughter, Avri, who was born in November 2014.

    his wife
    his wife
  13. In interviews, he refers to Susan as “the Mrs.” and has her name tattooed on his arm.
  14. Coincidentally, the star purchased the former home of Charlie Chaplin a few years prior to landing the role of the silent film legend.
  15. Team Downey, he and his wife’s production company, produced their first film in 2014. The Judge, starring Robert Duvall, who received a best supporting actor nomination.
  16. Robert recently raffled off a chance to spend the day with him in support of a charity close to his heart, the children’s hospice Julia’s House.



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