A [email protected] Symbol In The 80s: Rise & Tragic Suicide of Silk Smitha

Sex Symbol in The 80s: The marvellous rise & mysterious demise of Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha is one of the most enigmatic personality of her time. Her bold, avatar made Silk Smitha a famous name in the South film industry. Her fame was envied by many during her time and her charismatic life even made our for a blockbuster Bollywood film, where actress Vidya Balan played her on screen.

Take a look at the marvelous rise and mysterious demise of Silk Smitha

WE present the rise of this southern beauty and her sudden demise in the following 7 points.
Name Game
Silk Smitha Life
Silk Smitha Life

Silk Smitha was her reel name, but do you know what’s her real name? It is Vijayalakshmi. Hard to believe, no?

450 films old
Silk Smitha Life
Silk Smitha Life

The South [email protected] symbol of the 80s, featured in as many as 450 films in her career. She worked in many language films including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

Make-up artist
Silk Smitha Life
Rajnikanth & Silk Smitha

You would be really amazed to know that this bold star started off as a touch-up artist for a lesser known actress, which gradually fetched her some roles.

Vandichakkaram path breaker
Silk Smitha Life
Silk Smitha Life

It was in 1979, that Vijaylakshmi turned into her reel name Silk Smitha. Tamil film ‘Vandichakkaram’ proved to be a path breaker for her. It was her character’s name ‘Silk’ in the movie which made her famous overnight. And, director Vinu Chakravarthy renamed her Smitha, soon she became ‘Silk Smitha’

Despite lavish earnings Silk faced a downfall
Silk Smitha Life
Silk Smitha Life

In 80’s, due to her marked [email protected] appeal, she acted in more than 450 films including many South Indian films. She was also seen in Kamal Haasan-Sridevi-starrer Hindi film ‘Sadma’ and also starred in Hindi Cinema like ‘Jeet Hamari’ and ‘Jaani Dosti’ in 1983.

Despite lavish earnings Silk faced a downfall after she She stopped taking advise of close friend and producer which cost her a whooping Rs 2 crores in her first two productions. Her third film did not even manage to complete. Due to this she suffered from mental distress.

Mysterious death
Silk Smitha Life
Silk Smitha Life

Caught in depression, Silk committed suicide on September 23, 1996 at her Chennai apartment. She hanged herself from the ceiling fan at her residence. The news shocked the entire South industry. However, people speculated that the reason behind her death was something else. She reportedly wanted to turn into producing films too, but what shook the industry was the sudden news of her death.

In 2011, Vidya portrayed one of the most bold characters cherished in Indian cinema
Silk Smitha Life
Vidya Balan Played Silk Smiha’s Character in The Dirty Picture

Entertainment…Entertainment…Entertainment… became the mouth piece as Silk Smitha was recreated in Milan Luthria’s The Dirty Pictures. Vidya was applauded for her daring performance that won many hearts.

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