Saba Khan Dropped Truth Bomb on Sreesanth After Eviction! Watch

Bigg Boss 12 Evicted Contestant Saba Khan Reveals Real Reason Behind Her Eviction!
Bigg Boss 12 Evicted Contestant Saba Khan Reveals Real Reason Behind Her Eviction!

Saba Khan got evicted from the Bigg Boss 12 house last weekend. Somi was crying inconsolably as Saba asked everyone to take care of her little sister.

In an interview with Saas Bahu Aur Betiyaan, Saba talked about her journey in the house.

“The journey was fantastic. But I am a little disappointed as I was playing well and wasn’t expecting to get out so soon.

People probably didn’t like that I used to voice my opinions and that’s why I am out. The housemates realised very early on that these girls are very strong, and they started playing emotional games with us,” she said.

Saba got candid about everything that happened inside the house and her opinion of every contestant. She also named Sreesanth as the worst contestant of the season and said that he needs to contribute more towards tasks of the house. (Watch Video below)

She exclusively told us the truth about Anup and Jasleen’s relationship, too. Now we know the singer has denied being in a romantic relationship with his pupil and they have successfully fooled everyone. When asked if Anup and Jasleen’s relationship was fake, she says, “No, they are not at all fake. I think Anup loves her more than she loves him. She has a better bonding with everyone else and I feel she should give him more love.” We can’t wait to see how everyone reacts on finding out the truth about Anup and Jasleen’s relationship!

Sreesanth has split personality
Bigg Boss 12 Evicted Contestant Saba Khan Reveals Real Reason Behind Her Eviction!
Saba Khan & Sreesanth

Sreesanth as he is playing a dirty game. He has split personality. He says something else, does something else and his decisions have affected me a lot, too. (ALSO READ: Sreesanth & Dipika Betray Karanvir: KV Breaks Down! Watch Video)

He cries a lot and should come out. I urge junta to help him get out. He is playing a very weak game. He is showing his weakness instead of showing his strengths. During tasks, when everyone wants to give their best, he talks about quitting and doesn’t contribute at all. When he is being picked to be sent to the jail, he creates a big issue. I feel this is his strategy but it won’t work for him all the time.

Watch video:

Lastly, decoding the contestants, Saba said, “Somi, of course, deserves to win the show.

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