Salman Khan’s Black Buck Case: Bollywood Erupts With Outrage, Who reacted how


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in prison and court imposed 10 thousand fine on him for killing two black bucks in 1998. Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonam and Sonali Bendre acquitted in the case were acquitted by the court. The court convicted Salman under the Wildlife Protection Act.  After punishment was announced, he was taken to Jodhpur Central Jail.

Bollywood was quick to react on it & from Bollywood personality Jaya Bachchan to Bigg Boss winner Manveer Gurjar, many expressed their outrage about Salman Khan being punished for the killing of blackbucks in Jodhpur in 1998.

Here is how Bollywood celebrities react to actor’s 5-year jail term


Bollywod actress Rani Mukerji extended her support to Salman Khan

Rani Mukherjee told IANS, “I always say this, my love will always be with him.”

Salman Khan has not killed the Black Buck- Priya Gupta

I know for a fact that Salman Khan has not killed the Black Buck. I am 100 percent sure he will be declared innocent finally.

Hope upper court will dismiss the lower court verdict – Sumit Kadel

Salman Khan had to visit Jodhpur for 20 years on regular basis for case hearings, He has suffered enough. Though Law is equal for all , but i feel Salman doesn’t deserve to go in Jail.

Others were equally culpable and should not have been acquitted – Richa Singh

Honestly, I am feeling bad for Salman Khan because others were equally culpable and should not have been acquitted. Why should he suffer alone? And rumour mills say he wasn’t the one per se but took blame for all female actors to safeguard them.

Salman Khan has Duas of many kids who are living & breathing because of him- Suyyash Rai‏ 

Get all your laws and systems together and try ur bestttt mind you YOUR BEST n lets see what you can do. Do you guys have any idea ? How many duas are with him that too of all the kids, those kids who all are living and breathing coz of Salman Khan

My heart goes out to Salman –  Arjun Rampal

“The law takes its course. Can’t argue it. But at this point in time I just feel helpless and my heart goes out to SalmanKhan and his family. Reason, cause the last thing Salman Khan is, is a criminal.I feel this is too harsh. I do hope he gets the relief he deserves.”

Bigg Boss season 10 winner Manveer Gurjar tweet reads

“What justice! Rape and murder victims keep on waiting for justice but a man like Salman Khan who does so much of charity and pays tax has been stuck in a 20-year-old case.”

What are your opinions on #SalmanVerdict on #BlackBuckPoachingCase ?



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