Shahrukh Khan donated 45 crores to Pakistan?

Shahrukh Khan donated 45 crores to Pakistan?
Shahrukh Khan donated 45 crores to Pakistan?

CLAIM “Shah Rukh Khan is sending India’s money to Pakistan,” tweeted a Twitter user who goes by the handle “@NkdxbJain”, sharing a 45-second video clip of a show aired on India TV. The ticker on the video had different phrases that translates to, “Investigation about news of calling Shah Rukh Khan a traitor”, “Claim that victims in Pakistan being helped by Shah Rukh” and “India TV has done an investigation into this viral message”. The voice over narrated how some Twitter users are claiming that Shah Rukh Khan donated Rs 45 crore to victims of a gas tragedy in Pakistan.

Many social media users have been sharing the video, making it appear as if Khan donated a huge amount of money to Pakistan at a time when Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan have come forward to help the families of jawans martyred in the Pulwama terror attack.

Here’s another Twitter user reacting to the fake news on video-making app Tik Tok:

TRUTH Shah Rukh Khan did not donate Rs 45 crore to Pakistan, not now, not in the past. The video that is going viral is a cropped portion of a longer, 6.35-minute video of a show that was aired on India TV in July 2017. The portion that is going viral was cropped from the longer video, from 1.56 minutes to 2.40 minutes. The India TV video titled, “Aaj Ka Viral Video: Shah Rukh Khan donates 45 crores to Pak gas tanker accident victims” was uploaded to the channel’s official YouTube channel on July 4, 2017. In the longer video, an anchor, who apparently investigated the rumour, clearly states that Khan’s team rubbished the rumour that he donated any amount of money to Pakistan calling it “baseless”. Fake-news purveyors are sharing a misleading video that was mischievously cropped from the original video that debunks the fake message that went viral in 2017 once, and using it to fuel public anger against the star now in 2019.

VERIFICATION AND METHODOLOGY A simple search on Google using keywords “Shah Rukh Khan 45 crore India Tv” will lead you to the truth. Google, in the search results, shows two links, both to India TV YouTube channels, and with similar titles. The first one is of the entire show called “Aaj ka viral video” that translates to “Viral video of the day” and the second one to the 6.35-minute segment of the show debunking fake news about Khan.


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