Shilpa Shinde Again Made Fun Of Dipika Kakar! Read Inside

Shilpa Shinde makes fun of Dipika Kakar, praises Sreesanth; gets SLAMMED for her hypocrisy
Shilpa Shinde makes fun of Dipika Kakar, praises Sreesanth; gets SLAMMED for her hypocrisy

Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has been a lot vocal about her opinions on Twitter with regard to the contestants of Bigg Boss this year and has been posting about the same! It seems like Shilpa Shinde is quite not pleased with Dipika Kakar.

In latest episode, Dipika Kakar was shown breaking down again after getting her husband Shoaib’s message.

She shared a fan’s tweet and took a dig at her by writing: “Sasural Bigg Boss Ka.” The tweet of the fan was: “Hina Khan ko as it is copy kiya jaa Raha hai.But My question is,Why aren’t her parents are given that much importance?

Shoaib to recently aya uski life me.”

This is not the first time Shilpa Shinde mocked her. Earlier when Shilpa Shinde was inside the BB house as a guest contestant she had said to her that this is not Sasural Simar Ka show. She had said the same when Dipika was crying after her tiff with Sreesanth. When Shilpa was asked to comment on this season’s contestants she went on said that Dipika should not take her bahu image inside the home. She also said how she should not just stick to the house chores and kitchen. Check out the tweet right here:

But she had a totally different opinion about Sreesanth who cries at the drop of hat too. Shilpa claimed she respects and likes him.

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One of the Twitter users commented on this and wrote, “According to @ShindeShilpaS #DipikaKakar is doing drama…crying means only acting (according to her)But when #Sreesanth cries, runs away then he’s 10000% real & not dramatic. Hypocrisy at new level.” In one of the episodes, Sreesanth was seen talking about his struggle and tears welled up in his eyes. Shilpa was quick to comment that he is the man of honour according to her. She wrote, “He is a man of honour and we all celebs are peanuts in front of him. I m glad I could spend some time and shared screen space with him.” She added later, “Sorry.. I don’t want to call myself a celebrity but I meant we all  “TV Artists” are peanuts in front of him.”

What do you think about Shilpa’s differential stand? Let us know.

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