Bigg Boss: Shilpa Lashes Out At Arshi Khan For Spreading Rumours

Shilpa made a strong remark against Arshi Khan.
Shilpa made a strong remark against Arshi Khan.

Bigg Boss 11 went off the air yet the contestants have managed to remain in discussion. It seems that Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde and contestant Arshi Khan still haven’t buried the hatchet.

Shilpa & Arshi are breaking the internet once again. A statement from Arshi Khan about Shilpa’s marriage plans have left the actress so angry that she has now lashed out at her.

The controversial statement made by Arshi on Shilpa

Shilpa made a strong remark against Arshi Khan.
Shilpa Lashes out at Arshi Khan.

When Arshi was asked that if she thought something was transpiring between Vikas and Shilpa, She told “Vikas and Shilpa will never marry. In fact, Shilpa had clearly told me that she would never ever marry in her life.”

Let us inform you that Shilpa Shinde  was to get married to TV actor Romit Raj, but she called off her wedding at the last moment.

Shilpa Shinde made a strong remark against Arshi Khan.


She did not take Arshi’s statement very well and said, Arshi is a big liar and we all know that. That’s it. Shilpa admitted that she had a conversation with Arshi Khan about her marriage, but she meant that marriage was not on her list of priorities at that time.

Shilpa Shinde On Her Marriage


In a recent interview to Spotboye, Shilpa said that she is not thinking about her marriage now. Shilpa also had added, ‘Look, I am not saying that I’ll never get married. I don’t know what my future holds for me. But let me tell you one thing: I am not even thinking of getting married.’

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Shilpa on why she did not attend Arshi’s party

When asked why SHilpa didn’t attend Arshi’s party, She told TOI, “There is no reason for not attending the party. In fact, I am not a party animal.  My first party post-Bigg Boss was when Pawan Kumar simply dragged me to the party. I couldn’t say no because I have known him since my first TV project. So it was like a home party for me.

After winning Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde is currently busy choosing projects and enjoying her freedom.

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