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Bigg Boss 11: Here’s Why Shilpa Shinde Stayed Away From Social Media

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde has a massive fan following online. She has been in news after winning Salman Khan’s popular reality show. Her fans broke records on social media and made sure that she was one of the most trending celebrities on the internet at many occasions.

Her staying away from social media has been discussed in the recent days as after winning Bigg Boss 11, she has recently joined social media.

But why Shilpa kept away from social media for so long?

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

Recently videos of the actress drinking and dancing started going viral on the internet that made Ashutosh (her brother) and a couple of fans upset.

Few media houses posted the video with lewd captions just to get more clicks on their page. Some captioned it as dirty dancing while others tagged it as drunk dancing.

Ashutosh shared a screenshot and asked everyone to take down the captions immediately. He then revealed  that this was one of the main reasons why Shilpa Shinde was always away from social media.

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

He tweeted –  “Really sad to see such types of video captions, just to grab hit on video. Please refrain from doing such cheap tricks! Change the caption immediately. This is one of the reason why @ShindeShilpaS has kept herself away from SM”, tweeted Ashutosh Shinde.

Look at the tweet:-

Shilpa’s fans supported her

Shilpa gets abused by paid trolls

It is a strategy of haters 

She doesn’t Smoke & Drink


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