BB 11: Twitter Slams Shilpa Mercilessly For Choosing Priyank Over Hiten

Bigg Boss 11
Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 is one of the most watched reality shows of the small screen. Bigg Boss strong contestant Hiten Tejwani’s fans were shocked to see Shilpa Shinde saving Priyank Sharma over Hiten from eliminations. Hiten was considered as one of strongest contestants of the house.

Big Boss 11
Big Boss 11

Shilpa’s vote turned out to be a game changer as she saved Priyank instead of Hiten who had saved her earlier.

Shilpa chose Priyank Sharma over Hiten Tejwani that irked Twitterati. In fact, host Salman himself was very upset with the housemates’decision.

Big Boss 11
Big Boss 11

Fans became crazy and started slamming Shilpa mercilessly for choosing Priyank over Hiten. Some tweeted in support of Shilpa and some tweeted against her.

Let us have a look at top funny tweets and reactions against Shilpa.

A Tweet By White Walker

 Did She Choose Bad Over Good?

Why Only Blaming Shilpa?

A Smart Move By Shilpa

Haters Are Obsessed With Shilpa?

Shilpa got some support

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What do you all think about the decision? Do you feel that Shilpa played right? Tell us in the comment section!


  1. I hope now Salman knows the contestent he has being baised towards is not what she shows,she is no maa and dosnt deserve the respect of maa.
    she is one who can touture a person she dosnt like the way she did to Vikas for 5 whole weeks , she will mock a persons tears the way she did to Hina and she can be ruthless as she did to Hiten!
    She supports a guy who has no respect for women , least of all Shilpa..not a single attribute of maa.
    she is a tv actress and she knows the best way to be noticed is to cook and clean and act bechari, I think the only person who has recognised Shilpa is Arshi.

  2. shilpa right.hitan ko uski dosto ne nominated sab shilpa ko das q derahe ho patanehi sab khud ko bachne k liya gam khal raha hai shilpa khaleto drity mind or vikas khleto mastermind ba ba. shilpa you shilpa. hum a he chate he k tum v khelo valay ka jamana nehe hai maa bolk band bajata hai.up tum dikho maa maa hoti hai bacha bach


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