Shivashish Mishra Shocking Revelations About Bigg Boss After Eviction

Shivashish Mishra Dropped Truth Bomb On Bigg Boss!
Shivashish Mishra Dropped Truth Bomb On Bigg Boss!

In an unexpected turn of events, Bigg Boss 12 contestant Shivashish Mishra was evicted from the show in an abrupt manner for not following the rules of the house. During Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan asked him to leave the show for not obeying the command of the house captain Romil Chaudhary.

Shivashish managed to build relationships, and even break them, during the time spent within those four walls. But unfortunately, his journey came to an end this weekend.

Shivashish reveals that his journey in the show has been bittersweet. Leaving the show in this way may not have been what he wanted, but once he stepped out of the house, he felt nothing but a sense of pride.

Here are excerpts from his chat with Times Now News
Shivashish Mishra
Shivashish Mishra
You became an overnight trend on Twitter. Fans thought your eviction was very unfair and biased…

That’s absolutely true and they are being biased. Because people have made bigger mistakes and they are ready to go to jail but they aren’t picking those people. If I’m taking a stand for the right thing, they are taking me out just because I didn’t follow the rules. On the contrary, there have been many instances in the past where people have not followed the rules; they have just been given a warning. But in my case, they had to take a strict action. If they are evicting me on those basis, even that’s okay but why are they nominating all the other contestants then?

Who do you think should have been eliminated instead of you?

I think Rohit Suchanti. But for breaking rules, it could have been Surbhi for abusing and disrespecting Bigg Boss. It could have been Saba Khan or Srishty Rode also.

Did the end of your journey in the show make the entire experience too bitter for you?

As an overall experience, it is really good because I stood for what is right and I am only answerable to my conscience. It’s the Bigg Boss and it’s their rules, I can’t do much about it.

Is Salman Khan biased towards contestants?

No, not at all. He is also just a part of the show just like me.

Who do you think is the fake in the house?


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What were your thoughts initially when the Happy Club fell apart?

Happy Club had to break up sooner or later. I had taken the initiative to do that initially. I just told them what’s happening with them in the club. I didn’t add any mirch-masala to it. I told them the truth and I stood by it. I’m happy that the club became unhappy.

You and Jasleen were really good friends. What was your reaction on Anup Jalota’s revelations? Did you ever think they are faking it?

I didn’t there was anything fishy about them because people can have a relationship like theirs. But Anup ji is giving such statements outside and I was surprised. I am no one to judge them on their personal relationship.

You and Sreesanth became really good friends. Salman even told you that you are sort of copying Sree when you refused to go to jail.

There was no reason for Sree to be blamed. There are some things that Sree does which are wrong and I am standing by him because I’m his friend. And people come up to me and I think they are just jealous. You can become friends and enemies because of the game but what we have is true friendship which is beyond the game. He has his own personality and I have mine.

Will you go back in the house as a wild card entry?

No, never. I don’t want to be a part of the show if they are biased and favouring other people. And I haven’t seen the previous seasons. Had I watched them I would have never been a part of the show.

Who do you see in the finale?

If Sreesanth controls his anger, he even has the potential to win the game; Romil, because he is a dirty and nasty person. He can go to any limits; he has no emotions or ethics. And I think Dipika Kakar also might be in the finals.

What do you think about Sree and Dipika’s relationship?

They have a very love-hate relationship.

Do you think the eviction was fair? Tell us in the comments section and stay tuned with Awaaznation to find out more about Bigg Boss 12.


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