Sreesanth Shares Complete Different Story Behind Slap Controversy

Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Opens Up About His Infamous Slap Incident With Harbhajan Singh! Shares A Complete Different Story
Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Opens Up About His Infamous Slap Incident With Harbhajan Singh! Shares A Complete Different Story

Sreesanth has been one of the most talked about contestants in Bigg Boss 12. In the latest episode Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana were asked to report some breaking news from the house. They were also asked to unravel some secrets of the contestants.

Surbhi decided to get Sreesanth to talk about his controversial past. Sreesanth narrated what had actually happened with Harbhajan Singh back in 2008. The former cricketer talked about the slapgate controversy, involving Harbhajan Singh. (Watch Video Below)

For the unversed, it was during the T20 league tournament when Punjab was playing against Mumbai back in 2008, Sreesanth and Harbhajan had made it to the headlines for not so good reasons. While Mumbai did lose the match to Punjab, what actually was the talking point was what transpires between Harbhajan and Sreesanth after the match. It is said that Harbhajan had slapped Sreesanth after the latter said something to him, however, he did apologize for his behaviour later, Sreesanth was caught on cameras crying, after what happened. After all these years, the cricketer finally went on to reveal what had actually happened.

Watch Video:
Watch Sreesanth Old Video on Slap Controversy

Sreesanth revealed that he always enjoys a happy environment and he had only gone to wish Harbhajan hard luck after the match. He was, however, shocked when Harbhajan slapped him. The former cricketer also said that he cried only because he felt helpless at the time.

Sreesanth was left in tears after the incident while other players tried to calm him down.

And well, this revelation helped Surbhi win the task ultimately but it also left her with a question. She asked him why didn’t he call for a press conference, and to this, he said there is always a right time and place for everything.

Meanwhile, Sreesanth also cleared that there are no grudged against each other and that he also checks up on his family from time to time. He in fact, also requested his wife to inform Harbhajan that he has narrated everything on the show

Sreesanth was left emotional after the chat with Surbhi. He was seen spending some alone time in the house.

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