Sonam Kapoor Failed To Answer Easy Math Puzzle; Gets Brutally Trolled Can You Solve This Maths Puzzle?

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

There are many pages on social media that ask for answers to crooked questions. Users try to answer them but what happens when a celebrity answers incorrectly? Obviously people will troll him/her on social media. Same happened with Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. By giving a wrong answer to a question, she was brutally trolled by trollers.

Jitesh Pillai, editor of Filmfare Magazine, shared a photo from his Twitter account. The puzzle was tweeted by him and Sonam Kapoor shared it with her answer.. Sonam’s answer was wrong and without wasting time people started trolling Sonam on social media. Here are some hilarious tweets.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

This is the original tweet by Jitesh Pillai & Sonam Kapoor

Without even wasting a second, trolls began to troll Sonam Kapoor her for her mistake.

Well, who knows that?

Mathematics is not an easy stuff…

Sarcasm on point?

This one hurts!

The Twitter user explained correctly and gave the correct answer.

A Twitter user supported Sonam Kapoor

The tweet wrote, “Acknowledgement of being terrible at math is way better than the relentless stabs most (not quite) mathematicians take at these answers on the social media.”

However, Sonam Kapoor was quick to accept the goof-up with a second tweet of her own.

She again tweeted and wrote – “Hahahahaha as soon as I tweeted it I knew I was wrong and still don’t know the answer lol.”

We must commend Sonam for being a sport here! Would you try and solve it?


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