Watch: Salman Reprimands Sreesanth For Slut-Shaming Surbhi

Sreesanth banged his head on bathroom’s night light. He has injured himself, and later, a doctor is called for his treatment. Watch Video
Sreesanth banged his head on bathroom’s night light. He has injured himself, and later, a doctor is called for his treatment. Watch Video

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar will be mostly about Surbhi-Sreesanth feud. And when not discussing about the two, housemates will be seen talking about black magic. They again break out in a massive war of words after which an angry Sreesanth can be seen walking out of the living area angrily. For the uninitiated, both Sreesanth and Surbhi had hurled personal remarks on each other. While it was Surbhi who instigated Sreesanth, the latter crossed a line calling Surbhi characterless among other things. Another serious fight between Sreesanth and Surbhi is set to take place during the Weekend Ka Waar episode today.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss’ secret task that involved Megha Dhade to put needled lemon sprinkled with red chilli powder and get contestants to believe there’s black magic in the house is going pretty well. Recently, Megha took few half-cut lemons and placed them at different locations in the house.

Contestants including Jasleen Matharu and Dipika Kakar get scared immediately after seeing the lemons and Megha does a good job in adding fuel to the fire. She makes up theories and the contestants seem to believe all of it. While Sreesanth tells Dipika it’s black magic, others begin to figure out as to who could have done this.
Megha will be successful in the secret task, which was to scare the housemates and make them believe that black magic has been performed in the house.

Housemates will come to know that Sreesanth compared Surbhi with the girls standing outside railway stations post 11 pm. Salman will reprimand him and question his behaviour. He will also question Dipika, Jasleen and Megha who didn’t take stand when Surbhi’s character being dishonoured. Dipika will defend him when Karanvir will point out that she is still defending Sreesanth when Jasleen and Megha will ask him to keep shut if he doesn’t know anything. Everyone including Sreesanth, Surbhi, Karanvir, Jasleen and Dipika will get into argument, which will create a lot of commotion.

To lighten the atmosphere, Salman Khan will also speak about paranormal activities that have happened in the past seasons too. Which will remind the contestants of the weird things happening in the house. Salman will reveal that Megha was given a secret task to perform. This was all to promote Colors’ upcoming supernatural show Tantra. Later actresses Juhi Parmar (Sumati Khanna) and Sargun Kaur (Niyati Khanna) will meet Salman Khan and speake about their upcoming show.

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