Sri Reddy’s Nude Protest Raises Some Serious Questions

Sri Reddy protest against casting couch
Sri Reddy

Telugu actress Sri Reddy waged a war against casting couch and exploitation of actresses in the Telugu film industry. A few days ago, Reddy came in headlines when she accused the producers and directors of the Telugu film industry of exploitation. She became topless which lead to her arrest for creating nuisance in public space. Reddy said that she has been denied membership in the Movie Artistes Association because of her casting couch allegations. She has revealed that female actors face sexual exploitation by some of the big names in the Telugu film industry.

On not getting membership of MAA, Reddy said that she is not worried at all. Now this whole case is left to the lawyer. They bring their lawyers and I will now talk in court wih my lawyer.  Shri Reddy further said that ‘Protesting is my right and I speak only what my mind says.

Reddy  accused the producer Suresh Babu’s son and Rana Daggubati’s brother, Abhiram Daggubati, of sexually assaulting her & released  intimate pictures & chats

Sri Reddy protest against casting couch
Sri Reddy protest against casting couch

She released some of her intimate photos with producer Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram Daggubati and these pictures have created controversy in the media. While people across the country are busy debating over the credibility of the Telugu film industry, her mother says that she is not aware of those photos and intimate chat.

She alleged that Abhiram had sexually abused her in a government studio in Hyderabad. A video of Sri Reddy on the social media is also becoming viral, in which she is saying that Suresh Babu’s younger son deceived me. It is a government studio and talented people are supported there. The studio should be used correctly, but Abhiram took me to that studio and sexually assaulted me.

Reddy told that the studio was used to exploit her. ‘Studios are the safest place for sex. Big directors, producers and actors use the studio as place for Jismpharoshi(Sex). They are like red light areas. No one can come in without permission. The police do not even check. ‘

Ram Gopal Varma has tweeted in favour of Reddy, called her a “national celebrity”

Reddy openly talked about casting couch on April 7 in front of the media. After which, the police registered a case against her under section 294 of the Indian Penal Code (doing any obscene act in any public place.)

Ram Gopal Varma’s statement has also created a controversy. He tweets- Sri Reddy has become a national celebrity. People in Mumbai,who don’t even know Pawan Kalyan are talking about Sri Reddy.

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What are your views on casting couch? How serious  is this issue?


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