Video: Srishty Helping Somi Learn Sexy Pole dance Is Unmissable

Watch: Srishty Rode was seen helping Somi Khan learn a new sexy dance form. Take a look.
Watch: Srishty Rode was seen helping Somi Khan learn a new sexy dance form. Take a look.

Bigg Boss 12 is gaining TRP because of drama and emotions! Past week has been all about celebrations in the house. Housemates received messages from their loved ones on Diwali, the environment in the house is festive and joyous. The housemates were in a jolly mood owing to the festive season in the house. The bond between few housemates is getting more stronger. Now, Srishty Rode was seen helping Somi Khan learn a pole dance.

In a video shared by Srishty Rode’s team on Instagram, Srishty can be seen helping Somi Khan to learn pole dance . Yes! While the diwali celebrations were on, a number of guests entered the house and marked a memorable stay with the housemates. Amidst that, during one of the guest visit, a pole was installed in the house. Post that, Srishty Rode and Somi Khan were seen trying to dance with the pole. Srishty teached some sexy moves to Somi Khan and Somi also tried to learn all the moves.


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Isn’t that cute? The video is going viral for the right reasons. Srishty Rode is known to be one of the sweetest contestants in the house. She is fearless and fights for what is right. She can often be seen dancing to the morning song played by Bigg Boss. While the fun and banter is on, it is time for the housemates to pick a new captain. Who will it be? Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates from inside the house.

Manish Naggdev on Srishty Rode’s closeness with Rohit Suchanti 

Speaking to Bollywoodlife, he said, “I think Rohit has a crush on her and till the time he is behaving decent, it is fine (with me). I’m proud the way Srishty is handling the situation. She is playing nice with dignity.”

When asked about Rohit claiming that he thinks Srishty has a crush on him, too, he says, “Not just Rohit, if anybody goes out of their limits (with Srishty), that’s not good for them. It would be good for his game if he plays nice, but if he starts playing dirty, it will take him nowhere. He’ll just go down.” He also compared Rohit and Srushty’s friendship to Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma’s from last season saying, “I wasn’t prepared. Right now whatever is happening (in the house) is very normal. It is like (what they tried showing with) Priyank and Hina. Now he knows that Srishty is not interested, if it goes out of hand, then I won’t like it. Currently I’m okay. I also know that Srishty’s side is only friendship.”

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