Teejay Says Surprising Things About Karanvir & Sreesanth’s Fight

What Teejay Has To Say About Karanvir Bohra & Sreesanth's Fight Will Surprise You!
What Teejay Has To Say About Karanvir Bohra & Sreesanth's Fight Will Surprise You!

There is a big surprise for  Bigg Boss contestants as in the special episode, family members of the contestants will entering the house to pay a surprise visit to their loved ones. Talk show host Tejay Sidhu is all set to meet her hubby Karanvir Bohra after a long time and she can’t contain her excitement. Also, what we are waiting to witness is the reunion of Karanvir and his two lovely daughters, who are also going to enter the house with Teejay.

What caught more attention was Teejay’s reaction to Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth’s never ending fights inside the glass house

KVB and Sreesanth’s equation has taken a rather sour turn in the house where the two keep picking fights with each other.

Teejay opened up about Sreesanth and Karanvir’s fights as she informed Times Now, “These two are like boys in a school ground. No he started it, no he started it, you first, no you first. It’s hard to even pick sides. In one of the unseen footage, KV was enacting a scene from a film with Deepak and he started laughing. That’s when Sreesanth said, ‘Arey yeh toh has rahe hai, producers ka paisa doob gaya’ and that was so funny. That’s what I believe about Sreesanth. I believe there’s good in him also.”

Teejay Sidhu fears Karanvir’s reaction upon seeing his babies
What Teejay Has To Say About Karanvir Bohra & Sreesanth's Fight Will Surprise You!
Karanvir- Teejay

In an exclusive conversation with India Today online, she shares her excitement about meeting Karanvir.

“I am so excited that I am finally going to meet Karanvir. It is the best moment for me in these entire three months and I think KV will die out of excitement,” she told us.

At the same time, Teejay fears her husband’s reaction when he finally gets to meet his twin bundle of joy Vienna and Raya Bella.

“When the babies turned 2, maybe he kind of expected that Bigg Boss will allow them to meet him. But it didn’t happen at that time and it would be great when he actually gets to see them finally.

“I am fearing his reaction that he will have a nervous breakdown after seeing the babies. Dekhkar kamzor naa ho jaaye. I’m worried about how seeing his family will affect his game,” she said.

Teejay who has been sharing her strong point of view on Twitter at this point wants KV to concentrate on his individual game and not depend on gangs.

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