As we are going towards digital age, new trend of youtube is also catching up. A new Profile is added to the internet profile as youtuber same as blogger, who makes videos for entertainment or information purpose or both.

The youtube is becoming more prominent in India too and the people from each age group use for different purpose. But many are making money out of youtube videos by making their own videos and reach out to people through internet. Let’s see some top youtubers from India who have created a mark in this area.


10. Zakir Khan

He is the most sought after stand up comic of internet on youtube in India. His jokes on daily life perspectives and life struggles make his audience connect with him more. He performs over 200 venues in list including Singapore and Dubai.

9. Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti is lifestyle and fashion vlogger on youtube providing you with all the tips and styles in trend. She have a hude fan following on youtube with more than 7,68,000 subscribers and more than 143 million views on her videos. That’s a huge fan following to reach!!!

8. Geeky Ranjeet

Ranjit is the Reviewer on tech products and gadgets, providing his viewers with better insights how to use a product/gadget effectivetly. His simple approach and easy language makes his channel most viewed tech channel of the country.

7. VahChef-VahRehVah

Sanjay Thumma amazes with his crazy Indian cooking style and knowlegde. He makes cooking videos of Indian cuisine famous dishes with some twists winning hearts of people. He have the vast list of Indian dishes under his channel covered for users to make use of his skills and learn to enjoy you Indian food at your home.

6. BeingIndian

Sahil Khattar, the host of Bieng Indian is one of the famous personality among Indian youth. The channel gives you about Indians and their thoughts. The main attration is commong people being interviewed to give people the reaction of a common man on a topic. They have more tha million subscribers in just 4 year span!!!

5. Nisha Mahulika

She makes simple Indian vegetarian recipes whish are easy to cook and tastes good to eat. the channel have more than 2 million subsribers already and her simple recipes are making big difference in Indian household.

4. Sanam

Sanam Puri is a singer in his band and his unique style of singing makes audience attract. Their band Sanam is also reffered as Fabulous Four. Just listen to them and decide to book for your next concert.

3. All India Backchod (AIB)

It is a comedy channel founded by Tanmay Bhatt and Gursimran Khamba. The videos are parodies on politics, society and hindi film industry. They have huge subscribers and viewership in India.

2. The Viral Fever Videos (TVF)

Arunab Kumar, the founder of digital entertainment channel TVF channel had idea to target youngters for entertainment. It focusses on web series and the Permanent Roomates was once second-most viewed web series in world. With over more than 2.5 million subscrubers it is India’s biggest digital series producer.

1. BB ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam aka BB is most famous personality among Indian digital world. He got fame from his videos which shows about BB and his family in some funny instances. He have biggest subscribers in India with 3.3 millions and viewership of more than 440 billions. He was recently awarded the best Asian channel of youtube, the event held in South Korea.


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