If You Want To Your Sister’s Sangeet Very Special, You Must Try This


In the season, light cold started knocking, with the end of the festive season, the season’s most awaiting is wedding season. whether it is a bride or a grom everybody wants to dream wedding and perfect wedding. Everyone wants to celebrate all the functions well, whether it is engagement, Haldi ceremony, sangeet ceremony everybody wants absolutely perfect. If you talk about sangeet function whether it is a girl’s sister or a boy’s sister. both side should be a competition dance songs These songs are which you can make better sangeet ceremony . Here we are telling you 5 different songs some 90’s most popular dance songs, some classic, fun songs and many more can give you the best performance for couple’s siblings. Here is the all combo of sangeet ceremony look at –

1. Bride’s Sister Entry Song

Maye Ne Maye 90’s most popular song for sangeet ceremony and magic of madhuri you can dedicated this song your parents when you are entering EN HAATHO MEIN LAGE DE MEHANDI lines make sure you will create magic in your sister wedding.


2. Some thing recalling your sister

Faluguni remembered 90’s girls mad for Faluguni songs those days , so why not you will do something different on your sister’s special day you will create again some memories with song when she was teen .


3. Something Naughty

This song remembered your Naughty dance with your sister, amazing dancing song and full of energy and fast step and don’t forget style of Rani and Pretty style in the song.you can follow the step and expression of both actress.


4. More Fun Much Dance

Club song when you was in college and did party with your friends so much listen, but its time to your sister sangeet and lots of fun so let’s start because it’s the time to disco.


5. Traditional and Classy

You want some classy and traditional song for performance you should try this latest Ghoomar song if want to do different performance with your sister play this song.


so this song is perfect combo for bride sister’s performance because these are the song combo with different music some classy,naughty,emotional for your sister’s sangeet performance.


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