Watch! Swami om is the real writer of Dhinchak Pooja song ”Selfie meine le li aaj”.

swami om
swami om

Big Boss fame Swami om is always in the limelight as his controversial comments always take attention of public. Swami om is fraud baba who claims that he is the god present on this planet. He is always in controversies and the best part of his controversies that no body believes him.

He was a lesser known figure before he arrived in the Big Boss house. He once slapped a lady during a live debate on a news channel. It looks like he followed that attitude of his in the house. The things he has done inside the house have made that image go down than up. He’s that sort of a person you’ll never want in your life. Even Big Boss’ voice pitched up once to speak to him. Everyone in the house wants to get rid of him.

To Know about his statement about Dhinchak pooja Song Watch this video

His statements about dhinchak pooja nobody know’s truth or fake but hats off to his confidence to speak such statements in front of media.He’s not given any special privileges. If you’re thinking that two times he went out of the house and then came back, makes him kind of special, then you’re wrong. The first time, he was evicted normally but Bigg Boss decided to let him enter the secret room. They could have done it with anyone who went out at that time. They just had to let someone enter the room. The second time, he went out for a hearing in the court, for a case lodged by his brother for stealing his bicycle. Yes, bicycle! This guy went that far. He even stole stuff in the Bigg Boss house. This person has crossed all boundaries. The housemates dislike him, Salman dislikes him and probably the whole country dislikes him.


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