5 Places To Get The Best Food In Cuttack!


1Golden Spoon


Golden Spoon is invariably one of the best restaurants in Cuttack. Situated near the internationally famed Barabati Stadium in Cuttack, this restaurant will sweep you off your feet with its interiors and decor. The bamboo biryani is one of the dishes you would love to eat here. In fact, they even have a piano and a pianist to play you live music while you enjoy a good meal at the restaurant.



Pramod Convention and Resorts, located on the Ring Road is a class resort you would love to visit with friends and family. They have four different restaurants offering you different options for meals. While Rajwada, the fine dining restaurant promises you a royal meal like its name, the continental restaurant offers the best of sizzlers in the city. The Poolside Cafe is the best for birthday parties offering a range of sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. And oh well, if you’re in the mood for some South Indian delicacies, then they have a cafe specialising in South Indian cuisine as well.



Inarguably, Akbari is one of the most pocket-friendly places in town much frequented by students. There is a small cafe outside the hotel building, within the campus which specialises in favourite Indian snacks. Although it opens after 3.30 pm, this place is hardly ever empty. They serve a variety of dishes from dosa to noodles. What you can try here is the Cheese Frankie and the Cheese Paw Bhaji.

4Mughlai King

Although the name suggests that they are the pioneers of Mughlai dishes, Mughlai King has a unique rendition of Chinese dishes in the city. It is small open air shack joint, by the river Kathajodi that provides the best of Chinese in the city. Be it the manchow soup or the fried rice or the golden chicken, one visit to this place won’t stop you from coming again. Not only do they serve great at cheapest prices, they also serve generous portions. Infact, half a plate of fried rice can be shared by two people.



One of the newest restaurants in town, Dexter’s already become famous in the city for its decor and interiors. The restaurant has a jail theme with some of the tables located inside a jail booth. With great food, you will get the real life jail experience here with the handcuffs and the height charts. Look out for this one!


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