5 Best Places to eat Non-vegetarian food in Amritsar

Pal Dhaba
Pal Dhaba

Amritsar, also called as Ambarsar or Guru ki Nagri is worldwide famous for the spiritual Golden Temple and delicious food of the city. One big reason for tourists going to Amritsar is that they want to visit to Golden Temple, and then to try the food of the Holy City, Amritsar. In this Article, we will show you 5 best places in Amritsar to eat the Non-vegetarian Food. There are lots of places in Amritsar where one can eat delectable Non-vegetarian Food. The motive of this Article is to show you the best places in Amritsar to eat the Delicious Non-vegetarian food.

5Beera Chicken Corner at Majitha Road


The Non-vegetarian items of Beera Chicken House are not famous in Amritsar only, but also in other cities like Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh too. The ambiance of this place is very regular and seating arrangement is limited to, but now they are making it more as Family hall. The Tandoori Chicken and Keema Naan are just the best items of this place to have.

4 Pal Da Dhaba at Hathi Gate

Pal Dhaba

Pal Da Dhaba is perfect treat for the Non-vegetarians. The Paya (Lamb trotter soup) is the most famous item of this place. It’s the favorite place of every Amritsari for Non-vegetarian dishes. One must try out Mutton Kharoda, Keema Kaleji, Chicken Curry and Mutton Curry of this place. If you are planning to visit Amritsar, then must visit Pal Da Dhaba once.

3Mame Da Dhaba at Partap Nagar


This place is famous for Bheja Fry and let me tell you, the taste of Bheja Fry of Mame Da Dhaba can eat every other place. The proprietor of this place works by himself on Bheja Fry and makes it so heavenly good that it just melts when you take a bite of it. One must visit this place once in life.

2Adarsh Meat Shop at Ranjit Avenue, C-Block


The only problem at this place is that you have to wait for long, but waiting is worth there as they have the greatest fried meat. The Mutton Chaap of this place is a must try item as it tastes heavenly good and yummy. If you are planning to visit Amritsar, then must try Mutton Chaap at least once.

1Kale Da Dhaba at Court Road Chowk, Circular Road


Kale Da Dhaba is a very famous place Non-vegetarian as well as Vegetarian Dhaba. The sitting arrangement of this place is great as families can enjoy their meals comfortably too. The Butter Chicken of this Kale Da Dhaba is very star attraction of this place. I also like Chilli Chicken of this place. It’s a must try place for Non-vegetarian food.


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