Your Logic Doesn’t Work When You Look At These 6 Indian Court Cases!

Your Logic Doesn't Work When You Look At These 6 Indian Court Cases!
Your Logic Doesn't Work When You Look At These 6 Indian Court Cases!

With such a huge population in our own backyard, there’s bound to be a little crazy in every corner. As it happens, that madness doesn’t escape the legal system of our country either. There are thefts, bites and the undead among just some of the weird and bizarre cases that the country has dealt with. Having the tagline of the biggest backlog of court cases in the world doesn’t help and usually results in hilarious verdicts and counter judgements.


6One guy filed a case for 50,000INR for mental agony caused by the movie Rockstar!

Rockstar case

Lovenish Kumar Bhardwaj once filed a legal case against a multiplex for showing the Ranbir Kapoor Movie Rockstar, asking for Rs 50,000 as compensation from the consumer forum. Suffice to say, his weirdness was not successful. Is he probably got some deeper issues though right? Like some kind of mad hate for Ranbir…

5Recipients of welfare schemes in Chattisgarh are apparently 500-year-old people!


Women aged 100, 200, even 500 years old are listed as recipients of sewing machines and bicycles under welfare schemes in Raipur in Chhattisgarh. A Right to Information query by an activist, Sanjeev Agrawal, has revealed that many beneficiaries of the state Labour Department’s schemes are centuries old. The oldest beneficiary is Usha Jamgare, 532. I smell a scam!


4 He got jail time 24 years later due to a bribe… of 50 paisa!

Coin case

In 2009, Balgovind Prasad, a 75-year-old doctor, was sentenced to three months in jail for taking a 50 paisa bribe (worth about R.s 25 today) 24 years earlier. Prasad had taken the money from a sweeper in exchange for issuing a fake medical certificate. Due to a convoluted series of events, the Patna based Prasad’s charges were formed, reversed and then renewed, leading to the ridiculous delay.

3Two kebab making legends went to court over who claimed the original ‘Tunday’!

Tunday kabab case

The kebab khandans of Lucknow, Tunday Kebabi and Lucknow Wale Tunday Kebabi have both been at war, claiming the Tunday kebab recipe as their own while the rest of the country watches on in disinterested bemusement. Everyone knows the recipe belonged to the one-armed man nicknamed ‘Tunda’. They should stop capitalising on culture for glory.

2They got the court to conduct a DNA test on the cow to confirm the owner!

the cow case

DNA test of a cow to figure out ownership between Sasilekha and Geetha in Kollam, Kerala. The only time a DNA test was carried out to prove ownership. Sasilekha turned out to be the true owner and ended up suing Geetha for mental agony and faculty grievances. So there IS hope in the world after all!

1He filed a case against Bihar Government for declaring him dead… while he was alive!


Lal Bihari spent 18 years trying to prove he was alive after being written off as dead. He was finally recognised as a living person in 1994, after pulling off a series of over the top acts like kidnapping his uncle’s son and courting arrest in order to prove his existence. He was persistent, I’ll grant him that!



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