The New Year Resolution Of Indian Politicians May Be Like This…

The New Year Resolution Of Indian Politicians May Be Like This...
The New Year Resolution Of Indian Politicians May Be Like This...

On this festive season, the last day of 2017, everyone takes their resolution what to do or what not to do? But our Indian politicians are still “Shant”. But don’t worry here we are bringing an amazing new year resolution that may be taken by Indian politicians.

1For Modi

For Modi
  • Mitro, ghabraiye nhi achhe din aane waale hai. If you all are with me mitro, i will give you 100% returns, if you all file your tax returns.
  • My new year resolution hai “bharat ko pura bhagwa kareke rahege”. And my party plane as follow on 1st jan..
  • Aadhar Card Bank Account Se Link Karwana hai. Aap bhi jald karwaiye.

2Rahul Gandhi

For Rahul Gandhi
  • In this wonderful new year eve good morning mere deshwashiiyoo. As you know that I am the president of the Congress party now. This the highest post in the nation.
  • So this is a big problem is that what to do next? So my resolution is that find out higher post of the nation kyoki “vikas ka sahi matlab hota hai aage badte rehna”
  • At last, I just want to say that I Miss My Mom!

3Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal
  • This is all bullshit “sbka saath, sbka vikas” janta ne hme chuna hai. Janta hamre sath hai. Mai kaafi dino se chup hu, par aaj mujhe bolna hai
  • And you know, sonia gandhi is going t goa trip, did you know why? because the price of wine is cheaper there. They all fooled you my janta. Come to modi, he is very happy now a days for getting gujraat and himachal. But this not real victory, real victory is like our victory, delhi victory.
  • And my new year resolution is to buy the new scarf for winter at any cost.

4Laalu Yadav

Laalu Yadav
  • Dekhiye Hmane koi chara nhi khaYa..are budbak insaan chaara khata hai kya? I just want to say that, chara is always eaten by cow and bafeelow not humans so, I am innocent as always.
  • And my new year resolution is ” jak rahega samose me aalo, tak tak rahega BIHAAR ME LAALU”








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