Hinglishpur Ki Top 3 Shadiyaan!

Hinglishpur Ki Top 3 Shadiyaan!
Hinglishpur Ki Top 3 Shadiyaan!

Marriage means Desi bhasha me bole shaadiyaan are very important in India as food. In our country Marriage is great social siyappa. Here we are sharing top 3 ageeb-gareeb Indian marriages confusions or khichadi or you can say anything to them.

3. Custom of mother of the bride not seeing the wedding

mummy ko nahi ibulaya

On the day of the wedding, all the married women from the bride’s family rise at dawn and perform a Ganga aarti to invite the Goddess to the wedding. They believe that the holy river will bless the bride and keep her happy always. Also, in many of the Bengali weddings, the mother of the bride is not allowed to see the wedding ceremony.

2. Tear off grooms clothes by his relatives

tearing clothes of dulha

Before the wedding, the Sindhis perform a ritual called saanth. An anklet is tied around the right foot of the bride and the groom (in their respective homes), by the priest. After this, seven married women pour oil on the bride and the groom’s head. Then both of them have to wear a new shoe on their right foot and break an earthen lamp with it. This considered as a good omen. To end the ceremony, the groom’s relatives tear off his clothes to ward off evil eye.

1. Change Of mind by the Groom to become sanyaasi at the time of wedding

In Doubt

The Tamil Brahmin (Iyer) weddings recite an age-old story during the ceremony, where the groom has a change of heart before entering the mandap, in the process deciding to live life as an ascetic. The ritual requires the bride’s father to reach out to the groom and convince him to change his decision. Bhagwat Gita, umbrella, sandals and hand fan are the props that the father uses to bring the groom back.



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