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Health is the major factor which plays role in your success. If you are healthy, you can achieve better in life.

In today’s scenario we have started ignoring our health. As it is said “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, so you can only think and work better when your body is healthy.

Our diet, exercise routine and behavioral choices can have significant role on health. It is easy for stress to take center stage in our life and lead to poor diet and lifestyle choices. If you don’t manage your health & lifestyle, you can run the risk of having negative impacts on mind and body. It can even cause mental health problems.

Small changes in daily routine and eating habits can have healthy impact on your life. It helps to create peaceful mind, healthy diet and fitter body. Let us see what small changes in lifestyle and routine can take us to healthier and better life.

1. Eating a well balanced diet

Having a balanced diet is most important part to keep yourself healthy. Include foods from every group of the diet to meet body requirements of nutrients. It is important to include every nutrient like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. for meeting body needs.

Balance your food throughout the day. Plan your diet, have atleast 4-6 meals in day including food from each food group.

2. Exercise daily

Exercising daily is important to keep body fit and active. It helps to regulate blood flow and oxygen in body. It is proven that doing exercise regularly keeps you away from diseases like heart attack, blood cholesterol, counter anxiety and depression.

Exercise boosts energy, keeps weight under control, provides muscle strength, helps in managing stress and releases tension. Physical activity boosts mental wellness as it gives good feeling by relieving tension, anxiety and stress. It will keep you away from mental health problems.

Exercising and physical excursion helps to boost immune system and make you more active. You can try gyming, Yoga, Sports, or combination in exercises.

3. Have sound sleep

Having a good sleep will help you keep better and healthier both in terms of physical and mental health. The today’s fast paced lifestyle have changed our sleeping habits. To keep in race we just avoid the importance of sleep. This slowly affects or body and mind.

You need a good sleep of 6-8 hours ideally to work and perform beeter. But when our body doesn’t get enough sleep, slowly problems like, low immunity, increase in weight, changes in mood and risk of memory loss.

During sleep our body gets into rest mode and starts healing during this period. Our brain is at minimum work, so it gets time to reboot itself. If you will sleep better, You will live better.

4. Drink Water

Human body consists of 60 percent water by weight. It is principle component of our body which helps to maintain the body and systems of our body. It helps in detoxification of body, caries nutrients to parts of body, hydrates parts like nose, throat, mouth, etc and maintains the body temperature.

Lack of water can cause dehydration, due to which body is not able to function normally. Due to dehydration, drain of energy and tiredness can be felt. Your body functions will slow down due to lesser body fluids.

5. Include good oils in your diet

Fat is considered bad in health world and oils are form of pure fats. But fat or oil are important part of our diet and must be included in our diet. Oils are part of healthy diet.

Oils are most energy efficient nutrients we can consume. They also help in building healthy cell membrane, helps in consuming vitamins A, D, E and K in small intestine and stores them in body fat. Oils also assists in regulating hormones and lubricate skin.

Some healthy oil options available are olive oil, flaxseed oil, Ghee (look for ghee benefits), walnut oil and many more. You must avoid oils which says partially hydrogenated, vanaspati oils, cotton seed and palm oil.

6. Avoid Packed foods

In the fast paced lifestyle we have no time to cook and simply switch to prepacked foods to save our time but avoid the health. The ready to cook foods or packed foods contain preservatives and chemicals which affects on our health. The food contains MSG preservative, artificial flavors, unnatural food coloring and unappetizing substances.

Consuming these foods can cause many health issues, like obesity, diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, acidity and stroke. The foods can cause ulcers in stomach lining and disturb the normal digestion if taken for prolonged periods. They also contain sugars and salts as preservatives in high content which also creates problems like bloating, acidity, and weight gain.

7. Include more fruits, vegetables and nuts in diet

Fruits, vegetables and nuts are healthiest sources of nutrients. They also contain fibres for better digestion of food. All contains minerals and vitamins which help in proper functioning of our body.

fruits and vegetables are sources of vital vitamins to carry out body functions. They also contain minerals which help body to digest food and maintain body. Nuts provide minerals, vitamins and essential oils.

8. Have healthy breakfast to start your day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the source of energy for your day’s activities. It provides you energy and stamina. It must include foods which provide essential daily nutrients packed with energy to meet the day’s requirement. It must include proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates.

You must not avoid or skip breakfast, this can lead you to feeling tiredness and low in energy at the end of day. As the day will pass you will loss energy as the day pass, you will not be able daily chores. It also helps to loose weight and stops for unhealthy cravings of food.

9. Try to eat home cooked food

Home cooked food is fresh and filled with nutrients and energy. The food available outside available is mostly oily, unhealthy and not fresh. Mostly fast foods are available and easy for us to have in our hectic schedule. So basically we are avoiding healthy food and going towards unhealthy food habits.

The food you get outside is made tastier and health is compromised in the process. More oils are added to add the taste and nutrients are lost in the cooking process. At home the food prepared is fesh and no extra toppings are added. Its simple and healthy food. Avoid eating outside and take lunch from home.

10. Switch unhealthy food habits

The food we intake daily affects our health on the long run. Some daily food habits can change our life towards healthier lifestyle. There are some good health food switch we can follow for better health.

Some foods can be switched with healthier options and some could be avoided. You can switch from white bread to brown bread. Avoid white salt and white sugar, intead take brown sugar and rock salt. Have healthier oil options on shelf. Try to take whole foods and healthy carbohydrates in your meal than processes carbohydrates. Avoid the processed and fast foods in your diet, rather cook fresh at home. Switch from coffee/tea to green tea and fresh juice. Avoid carbonated drinks, instead take coconut water, lime water, buttermilk, and other healthier options. Choose dips like salsa and mint dips than cream dips like mayonnaise.

You can follow these simple rules to change the habits and move from unhealthy to healthier lifestyle. You can include these into your day to day life and see the positive changes in your body fitness, mental health and better social life.


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