Chatth Puja 2017 : Most Popular Delicious Dishes

chatth puja 2017
Chatth puja dishes

The festival which is most expected after 6 days of Deepawali is Chhath Puja, which is celebrated especially in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, North India. Chhath, Sixth, Dala Chhath, Dala Pooja, Surya Shishtha As is known by many names. Some dishes are specially made on Chhath Puja, let us know which dish is made which is made for this worship only. here is recipe of top 5 Dishes on Chhath Puja.

1. Thekua

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During the Chhath Puja, the Thekua is specially made. In the wheat flour, a mixture is prepared by adding sugar, ghee and a lot of dry fruits. With a little mixture, they are given small ticks and deep frying in ghee.

2. Rice pudding

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Rasia is usually rice kheer, there is the only difference in rasia that jaggery is used instead of sugar in it. Apart from jaggery, rice, milk and water are added to it. On the second day of Chhath Puja, it is offered to the Sun God and later given in the form of Prasad. Rasia is served with bread or whole.

3. Pumpkin vegetable


During Chhath Puja, the taste of the pumpkin vegetable, which is prepared with pure  ghee, is different. Pumpkin vegetables can usually be eaten with whole or other dishes. You do not use onions and garlic in it. Also, keep in mind that during this time use rock salt instead of ordinary salt in the vegetable.

4. Kasar

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Kaisar is very popular mainly in Bihar which is made in Chhath Puja. It is made by mixing rice powder, fennel, jaggery and ghee. kasar is mainly made in winter, it consumes heat in the body.

5. Puri

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Chhat is very important in the worship of pooja, which is prepared from wheat flour and frying it in oil. You can also eat puri people with gourd vegetable, pumpkin curry or any other vegetable. In addition to green gram and rasia, then the puri comes in a different taste.

6. Green Chane

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It is a simple dish prepared during Chhath Puja, green beans are kept soaked for the whole night to make it. After this, add cumin green chilli in ghee and roast it and serve it with puri.

These dishes are really mouthwatering and should try at home and enjoy this festive month.


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