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Fast & Natural Ways To Reduce Fat In Your Face!

Best home remedies to shed weight from your face and some simple exercises that help to tone the muscles on your face.
Here are best home remedies to shed weight from your face and some simple exercises that help to tone the muscles on your face.

A well-shaped face gives you a more beautiful and confident appearance. Many people own a perfect body but have a extra chubby face. Facial fats are not just ugly but are also easily visible and can seriously impact the general confidence of a person.   It is easy to reduce fat from your whole body, but, technically, it is a bit difficult to lose fat in the face.

Here we take a look at some of the best home remedies to shed weight from your face and also your entire body, and some simple exercises that help to tone the muscles on your face.

Face Fat
Face Fat
Chewing Gum

Good chewing habits don’t just help to strengthen the teeth and gums, but also help to keep your face toned and facial muscles taut. Though most of us don’t spend enough time chewing our food well, chewing a sugar-free gum in spare time can effectively substitute for it. The chewing action forces the jaws to expand and contract giving them a perfect workout.

Ice Cube Hack

Apparently, ice cubes can greatly burn lots of calories from the body. Eventually, ice cubes drain out an excess of water in cheeks caused by water retention.

You just need to rub a pack of ice cubes on cheeks until they melt away.

Clay Mask

Natural facial masks help to contract and stiffen the facial muscles and help prevent sagging and folding of the skin tissue on the face. Also the clay masks, on drying, tend to absorb the stored water and oil from beneath your skin through osmosis providing instant results. Combined with a facial massage, natural clay masks are a great way to get rid of the extra pounds on your face instantly.

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Blow Balloons

It is a fantastic way to reduce excessive fat from the face. When you blow a balloon, your face muscles expand. Repeat the procedure ten times to get a noticeable difference in your cheeks. This technique helps to lose face fat in a week.

Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol is your biggest enemy to dry out your skin completely. Alcohol consumption can dehydrate your body and cause water retention and puffiness.

It makes you gain weight all over the body including the cheeks.

Cheekbone massage

Massaging cheekbones is the best way to get rid of cheek fat. While you massage cheeks, the muscles and cheeks get tightened.

It also promotes good blood flow to cheeks so that any water accumulated in that area will be cleared.

Apply few drops of oil to cheeks and start massaging with circular strokes for five to ten minutes.

Honeydew Melons

Available throughout the year, honeydew melons can effectively moisturize and remove the fat from your face. Simple grind a few slices of the honeydew melons, add a few teaspoons to apple juice extract to it and apply it to the face. Let it dry and rinse after 20 minutes to see results. Also Read: Grapes Benefits: Skin Whitening & DIY Face Masks & Face Packs

Rotating Tongue Exercise

It is one of the easiest face exercises to lose fat. All you need to do is to rotate your tongue with the mouth closed. It should touch the outer surface of your upper and lower teeth. Perform it for 15 minutes each clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Drink lot of water and that to cold.

Take proper sleep.

Opt for hairstyles that make your face look slimmer.

Apply make-up in a way that it hides your face fat.

Try to practice the correct posture while standing as bellowing your face makes it look chubby.

Include calcium-rich food in your diet as it reduces water retention.

Take a balanced diet.

Cut down consumption of salt.

Go on a low-calorie diet.


Don’t eat junk food as it tends to increase the fat.

Don’t take any medication without consulting a doctor as it induces water retention in your body.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

Don’t jump onto trying out easy ways to lose face fat.

Avoid smoking as it causes sagging and fine lines which make you look chubby!

Have you tried these remedies and exercises? Please share your experiences.

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