11 Instant And Best Effective Home Remedies For Burns

11 Instant And Best Home Remedies For Burns
11 Instant And Best Home Remedies For Burns

Burns is one of the most common household injuries. Whether you burn your hand on a pan of cookies, spend too much time in the sun, or spill hot coffee on your lap, burns are certainly not pleasant. Here we are sharing 11 helpful home remedies that are instant and give quick relief from burns.

Cold Water
Cold water may helpful in curing burns as well as prevent them from spreading to other parts. There are many ways using cold water. You can refer some below tips: You can let the cold water blow through the burning area for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you to relieve burns. Besides, you can leave a cold compress on your affected skin area. You should repeat this compress many times a day to reduce pain. You can apply cold milk and practice the same process to dispose of burns.
Remember not to use ice cubes instead of cold water because it may resist blood flow that can damage your delicate tissues. 

Home Remedies For Burns
Apply cold water

Aloe Vera
This is one of the traditional home remedies for burns. Aloe vera has the properties of astringent, painkilling, soothing, and tissue-healing, which help to treat burns quickly. You should leave it on burns until it dry because it has the ability to cool your skin as well as heal burns soon. In case you don’t have any fresh aloe vera plant, you can buy aloe vera cream which contains the ingredient in aloe vera from the medical stores then apply it to burns.

Honey can be effectively applied to disinfect the wounds as well as heal burns. It also works as a soothing agent. When you apply honey to treat burns, it will remove fluids from the tissues and cleanse the burned area.

Raw Potato
Raw potato has soothing & anti-irritating properties that help in treating burns on the skin. It has the ability to decrease the pain as well as reduce the chance of forming scars.

Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil
Both lemon juice and coconut oil can help to treat burns when it has dried and cooled. Coconut oil has a large amount of Vitamin E and many fatty acids such as myristic acid, caprylic acid, and lauric acid that offer antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits. While lemon juice contains acidic properties, which naturally lighten the scars.

Onion Juice
Onion has sulphur and quercetin that can help you to relieve the pain as well as heal burns. It also reduces the chances of forming scars.

Home Remedies For Burns
Onion juice:- A effective remedy

Egg Whites
Egg white is one of the most popular home remedies for burns. In order to use egg whites for treating burns, you separate several whites from yolks then you soak your affected skin areas in the egg whites. You will feel more comfortable and no longer feel pain after you soak your burned skin in egg whites for several hours.

The fat content which has in the milk can help you to soothe burns as well as speed up the process of healing. If you can drink nonfat milk, which contains special enzymes, these enzymes help you to fast up the process of healing by reducing the pain. Therefore, it’s very good to drink any types of the milk.

For burns, you can rub a coat of butter on the skin. Cool butter can work more effectively than the warm one. When the butter is melting, you should apply another fresh chunk to keep your skin cool as well as prevent the germs from entering. Butter also has the soothing properties that will heal burns quickly and prevent scarring.

Home Remedies For Burns
You can apply butter

Yogurt is a product which has the ability to heal naturally. It works as an antidote as well as soothes your burned area and helps it cool to relieve the pain.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is one of the best home remedies for burns. After cooling the burn, you wrap burns in aluminium foil and leave it like that for several hours. It has many functions such as protecting burns from additional damage, keeping it cool and delivering restorative minerals because the foil has aluminium as well as other regenerative minerals.

Baking Soda
Baking soda also is one of the simplest home remedies for burns that can help you to relieve the pain. It also can restore the pH balance of your skin, and remove the pain well as burning sensation immediately. To apply baking soda, you just mix it with water to make a fine paste, and you practice the paste to your burned area. After it dries, you rinse with clean water and repeat


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