Natural Home Remedies To Cure Prickly Heat Rash Quickly

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment

With summer already at its peak, problems of prickly heat & heat rash are becoming common.  Summers can turn into a nightmare for those who suffer from prickly heat, also called sweat rash or heat rash. It occurs when sweat glands are blocked and small red rash comes out on our body which lead to itching and burning sensation.

Other causes of prickly heat also called miliaria are-

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
  • Excessive heat
  • Lack of proper cleaning of the body
  • Summer allergy
  • If a person has constipation then also prickly heat rash can occur.
  • Sensitive skin

Some people use ordinary powder to fix it. But we all know that it is difficult to recover from ordinary powder. So here are top  natural alternatives that you can use to reduce this painful summer skin problem? Here are some natural treatments and remedies for prickly heat:

Bath with neem leaves

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment

Neem leaves have antibiotic properties. To use it, boil some water in a vessel and put neem leaves in it. Let it cool down.  Take bath with the water. This is one of the best remedies to treat skin rashes.

Drink fruit juice

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment

To save the body from heat, more fluids should be consumed. In order to cure Miliaria, the patient should drink fruit juice at home.  Apart from this, regular consumption of raisins, grapes, etc. also give relief and treat you skin.

Multani mitti/Fuller’s earth, a perfect medicine

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment

Multani mitti is a perfect medicine for treating skin rashes. For this, mix multani mitti in plain water or rose water and prepare a paste. Then apply this paste on your body and take a bath after few minutes. This will help you get rid of the burning sensation due to heat.

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Healthy Turmeric & Fenugreek Remedy

Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment
Prickly Heat Rashes Treatment

Grind salt, turmeric and fenugreek in equal proportions. Add water in it just five minutes before bathing, and make an ubatan.  Apply it on entire body like soap. Using once a week, you can get rid of all diseases of pneumonia, pimples and other skin problems.

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Some natural treatments & cautions for prickly heat:

  • Use calamine lotion
  • Say no to synthetic clothes
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Avoid skin products that contain petroleum or mineral oil
  • Find out how to escape: –
  • Do not wear artificial jewellery.
  • Stay away from hot and spicy food and drink as much as you can to cool the body.
  • Sandalwood paste will also help to cool you down. In addition you can also rub ice on the body.
  • Avoid sunlight.  If necessary, cover the body with scarf or summer coat.

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Note: Always consult a health practitioner before beginning any natural health routine.


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