Top 3 Books For Innovative Minds that’ll Successfully Turn Your New page Of Life

Top 3 Books For Innovative Minds that'll Successfully Turn Your New page Of Life
Top 3 Books For Innovative Minds that'll Successfully Turn Your New page Of Life

The new year is on the door. All we are very busy to plan a future or new year. It contains lots of ideas for startups, to do something new, isn’t it? So before starting the new page of your life must read that book, I am sure they will be your best partner in your whole life.

There are numerous Indian entrepreneurs who have marked a niche for themselves in the world of business and have also penned down their thoughts with an aim of inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs. While there are some who have written books on entrepreneurship with an aim to motivate and guide aspiring businesspersons. Mentioned here are some of the finest literary pieces relating to entrepreneurship, take a look:

Unusual People Do Things Differently

3Title: Unusual People Do Things Differently
Penned By: T. G. C. Prasad

Essence: This phenomenal book written by T. G. C. Prasad features the inspirational views, life journey, experience, and success stories of 65 individuals whom the author met in his lifetime. The book talks not only of renowned names like Azim Premji, Mother Teresa, and Mike Lawrie, but also narrates the experience of meeting a service boy, a chef, police officers, chartered accountants, and doctors. His book gives an insight of how one should deal and behave in difficult situations in order to achieve success.

Title: Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For the Young Professional

2Title: Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For the Young Professional
Penned By: Subroto Bagchi

Essence: This inspirational book has edified numerous people willing to mark their identity as entrepreneurs. Through his book, the author Subroto Bagchi aims at letting people know that one does not need to belong to a big town or to a metropolitan city to become the king of the entrepreneurial world. The author unfolds the story of a child from rural Odhisha – with utmost dedication and perseverance, this individual becomes the owner of a software development business worth billion dollars. Also, every chapter of the book concludes with words of wisdom that are sure to help every entrepreneur in the long run.

The Habit of Winning

1Title: The Habit of Winning
Penned By: Prakash Iyer

Essence: Nothing can be better than learning something from the real-life examples of leaders around you – this is exactly what the author, Prakash Iyer narrated in his book. The author graduated from IIMA and has been in the corporate world for about 25 years. This book narrates the stories and qualities of some eminent personalities and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Charlie Plumb, and Randy Pauch. To help an entrepreneur emerge like a winner, the author has given a vivid description of how one must balance his/ her work and life. If you want to win in every sphere of life, make sure you read this book.



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