5 Ways To Celebrate Your Independent Identity On This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Independent Identity On This Valentine's Day
5 Ways To Celebrate Your Independent Identity On This Valentine's Day

The most-awaited day for those in love is just around the corner. But wait! While all your friends are busy planning for fun things to do on February 14, are you sulking in your room, consoling yourself for being single?

Well, we say snap out of it right now! Valentine’s Day is a day of love and is not just meant for those in a relationship. It is also about loving yourself! So, we have five fabulous ideas for you to have a great Valentine’s Day.

Treat yourself!

When was the last time you pampered yourself with a spa treatment? Agreed, that the hectic schedules hardly leave you with any time to take care of yourself. But, why not spend this Valentine’s Day doing just that? So, just book an appointment your favourite spa. And, here is another tempting option- gift yourself that expensive dress you spotted last week at the mall. Who said only a partner can gift you something nice? You can save this day to splurge to your heart’s content!

be yourself

Plan a singles trip

Get all your single friends together and plan a fun road trip! If you are short on time, you all can just hop on a flight to your favourite vacation destination and have a blast. If no one is free, you can always have some “me time” and travel all by yourself, exploring the places you have always wanted to see.

Be adventurous

Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t thought about before or haven’t done before but would want to do. Something you never got time to learn or pursue because of your busy schedule. Consider on hobbies you need to focus on and make it a resolution to follow it on a regular basis.

you are free from this
you are free from this


The last thing you can do is, ignore and sleep! Ignore the romance and love that is in the air for rest of the world and do what you love the most. Laze around your house, get up and consider the day as a regular one. Follow your schedule, come back home and chill in your pyjamas and blanket.

Be your own Valentine

You can either cook for yourself or treat yourself with what you love, maybe a pizza! Sounds good, no? Involve yourself in something you love doing the most – cooking, painting, shopping, dancing or even gyming. It will give you a break from your work schedule and spend some time doing your hobbies. This will make you realise how beautiful your life is.

So, there is no reason to feel low this Valentine’s Day. Get off the couch, get dolled up and have a rocking Valentine’s Day while enjoying being single.


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