7 Sign Shows That Your Relationship Is Going To Be Forever And You Have Your Soulmate

7 Sign That Shows That Your Relationship Is Going To Be Forever And You Have Your Soulmate
7 Sign That Shows That Your Relationship Is Going To Be Forever And You Have Your Soulmate

During the first year of your relationship, you can’t keep your hands off of each other. Your text, cal and want to spend every waking moment with each other. You want it to last forever. But will it? You worry…Is it always going to be this way? How can you know?
Here are some statistics that you may find interesting:
If you date for three months then it’s likely you’ll be dating for four years.

You can have fun doing nothing.
Relationships can be fun and exciting as you share your day and your lives. But sometimes it’s the times that you’re just sitting and relaxing quietly, without entertaining each other, that really matter.

You fight well together.


Name calling, gaslighting, and the silent treatment are all unhealthy ways to heatedly discuss the issues you may be having. It’s unrealistic to think that you will never fight with your partner (and not fighting is an issue of its own), but the key is to fight so that each person feels heard and respected—without resorting to hurtful and manipulative tactics.In successful long-term relationships, arguing is always constructive, and both parties are interested in resolving the problem quickly.

You have each other’s backs.
In healthy, long-lasting relationships, the couple supports each other through good times and bad times, when they agree and when they disagree.
Researchers think this is because these high-self-disclosure interactions increase feelings of passionate love and cause the partners to see each other in a new light.

You smooch a lot.

making love
making love

This isn’t much of a shocker. Kissing is the distinguishing feature of all romantic relationships, and a new study proves that. Researchers found that as time goes on in a relationship, the importance of the kiss grows, and they concluded that it’s one of the most important things in maintaining a long-term relationship.

You respect each other.
This is a biggie. For a relationship to be healthy and long-lasting, each partner must have respect for the other. They must respect each other’s opinions, their time, their work, their ideas, and their thoughts.

They make you a better person.
Someone should never try to change who you are, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to change for someone else, either. But if your partner inspires you to be a better person and improve yourself, that’s awesome!

You spoon when you sleep.

making relax
making relax

Awwww, like you needed another reason to cuddle? Research shows that spooning together is a good sign! New studies show that couples who sleep less than an inch apart—and like to touch each other—are more likely to be happier and healthier than those who avoid each other while they snooze.




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