April Fools’ day: 17 Hilarious Sarcastic Jokes That’ll Annoy Anyone

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

Is there anything better than celebrating April Fool’s Day by sending annoying and funny messages, quotes SMS to your friends and others. Are you looking for hilarious April Fools Day quotes, messages and status for SMS & Whatsapp sharing?

Well, this article is for you only as we have compiled 17 of the best April Fool’s day messages and jokes from internet. Remember, this day comes just once a year so use it wisely Enjoy sending these hilarious April Fools SMS to your friends & relatives.

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

1. “This is MAGIC.

Press down 6times,

You can See your PHOTO







Congrats! You are the First

April Fool of the year”

2. Let’s see how smart your read this line, loof m’I

3. Fact 1: You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue. Fact 2: After reading this, 99/100 fools would try it.

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

4. Thinking of you on this day, because it’s your day!

5. Q: What will be the girl’s name born on 1st of APRIL?


C’mon, Guess,



April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

6. A : Your AttractiveB : Your the Best

C : Your Cute

D : Your Dear to Me

E : Your Excellent

F : Your Funny

G : Your Good-Looking

H : He He He……..

I : I’m


Happy April Fool Day!

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

7. Earth may stop rotating;

Birds may stop flying;

Candles may stop melting;

And hearts may stop beating.

But your brain will never start working. ‘April Fool Day’ was meant just for people like you!

8. A recent study has proved that
Fools use their thumb while reading SMS.
Now it’s too late,
Don’t try to change your finger!
Try to catch some other fool!

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

9. U R the one who is Handsome
U R the one who is Intelligent
U R the one who is Smart
And I am the One who is spreading these Rumours.

10. Someone…
Misses U…
Needs U…
Worries about U
Is lonely without U
Guess Who?
A Monkey in the zoo…

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

11. When ur life is in darkness
Pray to God ask him to free u from darkness
And if u r still in darkness
Then please pay ur Electricity Bill

12. Since I have met u,
I have realized that a friend like you
Is worth million dollars…
So, if u don’t mind……
May I sell you?

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

13. When u feel lonely n alone &
Can’t see anyone around u,
The world seems to be fading away,
Come along with me.
I’ll take u to an Eye Specialist.

14. This dog, is dog, a dog,
good dog, way dog, to dog,
keep dog, a dog, idiot dog,
busy dog, for dog, 20 dogs, seconds dog!
Now read it without the word dog.

15. Hi,
Doing nothing?
Then make a place,
For me in ur Heart!!
I May come there any time!
Ur’s Faithfully,

“Heart Attack”

April Fool Wishes
April Fool Wishes

16. When u feel sad,
Go to mirror and say,
“Damn, I am so cute”.
U will overcome your sadness.
But don’t make this a habit.
Coz liars go to hell.

17. If today any 1 talks & praises u 4 ur
1) Gud looks
2) nature
3) style
4) attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool u before april 1st.

Which one did you like most? Share more funny jokes and messages in the comments section below! We would love to publish it.


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