Best And Trendy New Year Party Theme For More Fun!

Best And Trendy New Year Party Theme For More Fun!
Best And Trendy New Year Party Theme For More Fun!

New Year is celebrated on January 1st every year and people around the globe celebrate and party hard on 31st December night. New Year is almost here and we all are quite excited as the excitement is reaching a new peak with each passing day. Here we are sharing best party theme for your party.

Send an invitation to your friends

Texting is a bit burden why not send a message via social media which is easy and less time-consuming. It hardly takes few minutes and is even easy to access.

Plan a funky theme

Plan a funky theme
Plan a funky theme

If you are in the festive mood, why not design theme which is simple yet unique. This will help the guest to be part of the celebration.

Your appetizers and Midnight Supper

Why purchase appetisers when one can make their own appetizers. This is one of the easiest and delicious ways to cut down on expenses. You can even go ahead and make your own Champagne Sangria for midnight toasting.

Good playlist

A great party requires an amazing and chartbuster playlist. Take some efforts and put together a massive playlist which can last for hours. Add some 60’s songs which are a great gem, some pop dance music, and some rock and roll.


Decorations are a must, one can simply add a photo booth and make your guests pose in front of it. One can even add some random props including glasses, hats, scarves, gloves, moustaches and much more to add on.

New year decoration
New year decoration

New Year is the perfect time to play fun games. Party is just incomplete without fun and games, so here we have a list of some amazing games which you can play on this New Year, have a look at it:

  • Write down resolutions and guess:-Write down some crazy resolution on this New Year Eve, and everyone put the paper in the box. Later tell one of your friends to pull one slip of paper out from the box. Read each resolution loudly and then think you have written it.
  • Word game:-Create as much as word possible out of letters and the person guessing many words is the winner.
  • Dare, Stare and Truth:-In this game, one chooses from the dare, stare and truth and completes the given sequence.


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