Top 6 Inexpensive And Homemade beautiful Gifts For New Year & Christmas

Top 6 New Year & Christmas
Top 6 Inexpensive And Homemade beautiful Gifts For New Year & Christmas

Very soon we are going to welcome new year & Christmas. On these beautiful events of your life, you can make it more memorable by using some simple steps. You can give the sweet and beautiful gift for your loved one. Here we are sharing top 6 incredible gifts for making your event more special.

Embroidery Headphones

1Embroidery Headphones

Headphones break all the time and unless you dole out a big chunk of change for a quality pair, you have to constantly replace them. Keep the wires safe from everyday wear and tear (and make them look pretty!) with this neat embroidery DIY. Give a pair of these to someone you know who would really appreciate these for their daily use. Bonus: the creator of this craft noted her wires no longer get tangled with the embroidery cover.

“Embroidery Headphones from Agus Yornet”

Leather hardbound Book

2Leather hardbound Book

Budding writers, doodling daydreams, dedicated journalists and serial note-takers are all ideal recipients of this special DIY. Bound a notebook in leather for a meaningful, yet startlingly simple gift.

“Leather Handbound Book from Melissa Esplin”

Embroidered Christmas Tree Card

3Embroidered Christmas Tree Card

For Christmas this year, send out these pretty embroidered cards. They are easy to stitch—even for beginners. Make it a group activity and mail one to everyone on your list.

Engraved Copper Mugs

4Engraved Copper Mugs

Moscow Mule drinker or not, who wouldn’t love to add some copper mugs to their collection of housewares? This DIY tutorial shows you how to add subtle engagements to personalize these already super-cool mugs.

Engraved Copper Mugs from Brit + Co

Sunglasses Case

5Sunglasses Case

Pretty and feminine, it’s hard to believe these cases aren’t store-bought. Your friend will be thinking the same thing when they unwrap this gift.

“DIY Sunglasses Case from Burda Style”

Colorful Paper Flower Bookmarks

6Colorful Paper Flower Bookmarks

These pretty bookmarks are the perfect kid-made gifts. There’s nothing better than a child’s delighted face when he or she presents their masterpiece.


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