14 Hilarious Indian Tweets of 2017 That’ll Make You Cry With Laughter

Funny Tweets
Funny Tweets

We have welcomed 2018 with open arms and huge smiles, full of new dreams, aspirations and hopes. There are many funny tweets in 2017 that made us laugh too hard.

From #Viruksha to #Aadhaar, here are 14 funny tweets that will break your ribs because you will laugh too hard after reading these funny tweets. We bet you will feel that Indian Twitter should be declared the funniest Twitter on the universe.

Let’s get started….

Funny Tweets
Funny Tweets

1. Fear of Aadhaar Card

2. Oops, Really?

3. Everything is Possible in Bollywood

4. Damn!

5. When someone says Statue at wrong moment 

6. So True

7. That Feeling 

8. Hahahaha

9. See The Difference

10. Tag That Aunty

11. Problem Of Every Student

12. Jabra Fans

13. Big Scam

14. Control Your Laughter

We hope you liked these funny tweets by the great Indian people!


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