10 Reasons Why Women Moan (Or Scream) During Sex

What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? 10 reasons why girls moan during sex!
What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? 10 reasons why girls moan during sex!

We think we can all agree that women make noises & moan during sex, right? But we don’t think you know exactly why that is! Porn teaches us a moaning girl in bed is a girl well pleased, we’re sorry to bust your ego because this is not always the case. So, why do women moan?

The reasons behind why do women moan during sex can mean a lot of things, from pain, boredom, frustration, encouragement, and most importantly, an expression of pleasure.

We give you 10 reasons why girls moan during sex! We might have missed one or two, so do add if something comes to your mind in the comments section.

What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? 10 reasons why girls moan during sex!
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Response to pleasure

One of the most common reasons women moan during sex is simply because it’s an automatic response to pleasure. Just like sighing when you sink into a hot tub, the pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and involuntary response.

Sense of accomplishment

It’s the equivalent of a pat on the back – but maybe better actually. Moans make us feel like we definitely did something right just then.


And since we did something right, it also serves as an encouragement for us to keep going on and doing what we were doing. Since ,you know, we’re heading in the right direction!  Also Read: Top 12 Sex Mistakes Women Make in Bed, According To Men

To slow things down

When a man hears soft moans of pleasure, he gets an idea that the woman is enjoying what he is doing. The sounds of your moans give him make him interpret that you need more time in bed and he need not hurry. This helps women extend the act longer if they anticipate the man is going to have an orgasm soon.

It is the tone of the moans that set the rhythm of sex. If a man can correctly read through the sounds a woman makes, the couple can have better and enjoyable sex.

Automatic Response to Pain

Of course, women also moan in pain. If your man is going a little too rough, or he’s hitting that place inside you that feels uncomfortable, or even if you’ve suddenly developed a leg cramp, you’re just as likely to moan in response to pain during sex just as you are in response to pleasure during sex. Also Read: Tips, Remedies, Do’s & Don’ts To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

Hot and hotter

Sex just becomes hotter with a lot of moans. (Yours, of course.) And if you could maybe include even a scream (of the good kind, obviously) or two… #AWESOME

She moans to set her man’s sexual rhythm. By her moans she completely takes control of the rhythm of her man’s thrusts and movements by either moaning loudly, softly, or vocalizing faster. Moaning can be thought of as the cue sound to let the man know when to slow down or speed things up.

Equal involvement

There are times in bed when one partner is way more into what’s happening than the other. Your moans, though, are a clear indication that you’re as present in this moment as can be. And that’s just amazing!

To turn off their brain and focus on sex

Women have hectic lives, and sometimes they are just not turned on for sex. With a thousand different things running in their minds, it may be hard for some women to focus on what is happening now. With a grocery list running on your mind or a presentation layout taking shape, it can be impossible to enjoy the pleasure of being laid.  Also Read: Top 10 Mistakes Men Make in Bed Acc To Women & How To Avoid Them

Moaning helps them get their brain where their bodies are.

Silent sex? Arghh!

What would sex be like if no one was making any sound? Since women are more expressive then men, they have taken the lead on this one, too. Their moans and sounds and screams make sex more enjoyable for both the partners involved. Silently getting to climax would be such a mood killer!

Don’t be silent; express your pleasure. After all, don’t you like it when he moans for you?

We hope this information will help you. If you know of any other fact or tip, please do tell us about them in the comments section or through email.

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