5 Health Benefits Of Moong Dal. Check them out.

Moong dal
Moong dal

Moong dal is undoubtedly one of the most sought after ingredients used in the Indian kitchen. May it be in the form of curry or even the salted snack that we munch on at tea-time or any given point of the day, moong dal is exceptionally tasty. It is never enough to have just one spoonful of the crunchy moong dal, is it? We all are tempted to eat at least a several spoonfuls until we are satiated. However, this item also offers various health benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Takes Care Of Heart Health

Moong dal’s phenolic components are known for their antioxidant properties which render  to the oxidation of the LDL cholesterol particles. Lowered cholesterol levels ensure a healthy heart.

  • Controls Blood Sugar

Since moong dal has a low glycemic index, it effectively controls blood glucose, insulin and fat. This curbs the possibilities of diabetes and increased sugar levels in the body.

Moong dal
Moong dal
  • Prevents Anemia

Iron is an effective component in reducing the risks of anemia. Moong dal is extremely rich in iron, thus people who have lack a healthy iron content in their body should consume moong dal to prevent anemia.

Moong dal
Moong dal
  • Good For Gut Health

Moong dal helps in the production of a fatty acid called butyrate in the gut which is effective in maintaining the health of the intestinal walls. Moong dal’s anti-inflammatory properties prevent the accumulation of gas and bloating unlike other beans. Unlike other pulses, moong dal has proven to be very easy to digest thus, it is good for digestion as well.

  • Controls Weight

It enhances the functioning of the cholecystokinin hormone which makes the body feel satiated and full after consuming food. This increases the metabolism rate and makes you feel full after consuming measured quantities of food. All this helps in weight control as you face lesser cravings.






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