Tulsi Prevents Premature Aging And Balances Hormones:- Know 8 More Surprising Health Benefits

Tulsi Prevents Premature Aging And Balances Hormones:- Know 8 More Surprising Health Benefits
Tulsi Prevents Premature Aging And Balances Hormones:- Know 8 More Surprising Health Benefits

The health benefits of holy basil, also known as tulsi, include oral care, relief from respiratory disorders, as well as treatment of fever, asthma, lung disorders, heart diseases, and stress. Holy Basil, which has the scientific name Ocimum sanctum is undoubtedly one of the best medicinal herbs that have been discovered. It has endless miraculous and medicinal values and has been worshipped and highly valued in India for thousands of years.

Fights Acne

Holy basil helps kill bacteria and infections, so it’s a great natural home remedy for acne and other skin irritations. Holy basil benefits the skin and helps treat skin infections both internally and externally.

Balances Hormones and Lowers Stress

Elevated cortisol levels can be dangerous; it’s commonly known as the stress hormone, and it can have a major impact on our learning, memory, immune function, bone density, weight gain and heart disease. Luckily, holy basil benefits include the amazing ability to regulate cortisol levels and keep hormone levels balanced naturally.

Prevents Kidney Stones

health benefits of tulsi
health benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi, being a detoxifier and a mild diuretic, helps to reduce the uric acid level in the body, which is the main culprit as far as kidney stones are concerned. It also helps to clean out the kidneys through increased frequency of urination. Acetic acid and certain components in Tulsi essential oil facilitate dissolution of the stones. Finally, it has pain-killer effects and helps to bear the pain from kidney stones as they pass.

Skin Care

Try taking a bath with a decoction of Holy Basil mixed with your bath water, wash your face with it or simply applying the paste of its leaves on an infected area of the skin in case of skin diseases. You can just consume tulsi leaves and still manage to keep your skin free from all infections. It cures skin disorders both internally and externally, without any side effects. This property mainly comes from its essential oils, which are highly antibiotic, disinfectant, antibacterial, and antifungal in nature. External application on the skin also removes extra oil from the skin surface. Camphene in it gives a soothing and a cooling effect.

Relieves Headache

A headache caused due to a migraine, sinus pressure, cough, and cold or high blood pressure can be effectively controlled by the use of a single tulsi serving. Camphene, eugenol, cineol, carvacrol, and methyl-chavicol, in holy basil, have excellent analgesic, sedative, anti-congestive, and disinfectant properties.

Prevents Premature Aging

health benefits of tulsi
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Vitamin C and A, phytonutrients, and the essential oils in Holy Basil are excellent antioxidants and protect the body from nearly all the damages caused by free radicals in the body, which are hazardous byproducts of cellular metabolism that are responsible for a wide swath of diseases, including cancer. In the traditional Indian medicine system called Ayurveda, it is considered as a tonic to retain youthful vigour and avoid premature ageing.

Boosts Immunity

Holy Basil is so good for boosting up the immune system that it is hard to describe it in words. It protects against nearly all infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Recent studies show that it is also helpful in inhibiting the growth of HIV and carcinogenic cells.

Eye Care

Wash your eyes daily with a few leaves of basil soaked in water and you will be free from conjunctivitis, boils, and many other problems of the eyes which are caused due to viral, bacterial or fungal infections. It also soothes eye inflammation and reduces stress.



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