8 Sexual Hygiene Tips That You Should Follow!

Sexual Hygiene Tips
8 Sexual Hygiene Tips That You Should Must Be Follow!

Sexual hygiene is very important for all of us. It is necessary to maintain sexual hygiene for getting relief from pain. Many women are unaware of these personal hygiene tips. Here we are sharing top 8 sexual hygiene tips that prevent you from infections.

1. Women should avoid having sex in the first two days of their menstrual cycle to avoid embarrassment, bad odour and infection.

2. For women, it is essential to note the direction of washing your genitals. It is recommended to wash from your vagina to your anus to prevent the transfer of germs from the anus to the vagina and also avoid yeast infections.

3. “Keeping your pubic hair well-trimmed and neat is another way to ensure hygiene when you have sex. So be sure to snip off those pesky hairs before doing the deed.

Sexual Hygiene Tips
Sexual Hygiene Tips

4. One should never hold on the urge to urinate, especially before sex. Urinating gets rid of bacteria and toxins thriving in the urinary tract. Holding up the urge to pee accelerates the breeding of bacteria, which in turn, may lead to infections.

5. Do not indulge in oral sex if either of the partners has sores inside the mouth or near the genitals as it can lead to infections.

6. Both partners should wash their hands and nails before and after sex to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria to your genitals.

7. Your first instinct after sex is to clean your nether regions vigorously, right? Stop right there! Kock Kheng explains that contrary to popular belief, vaginal douching after sexual intercourse doesn’t help in preventing infections.

8. Brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash both before and after sexual intercourse. Having a fresh, minty breath before sex will turn your partner on and be cleaning your teeth after helps ensure your mouth stays clean and free from bacteria.


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