Benefits Of Amla Juice For Weight Loss! Here’s How To Make This Fat-Cutter Drink!

Did you know? amla juice is also known to be one of the best Indian juices to consume for quick fat burn and weight loss. Here is how to make amla juice and use it for weight loss.
Did you know? amla juice is also known to be one of the best Indian juices to consume for quick fat burn and weight loss. Here is how to make amla juice and use it for weight loss.

Being a very rich source of Vitamin C, iron and calcium, amla (Indian Gooseberry) is a health treasure. It is said to work wonders for your skin, liver and blood sugar levels. But did you know amla juice can be used for boosting the weight loss process and it works in more than one ways to help you lose weight?

Yes you heard us, for better weight management, it is often suggested to drink amla juice. So, you must include Amla or the Indian gooseberry in your weight loss diet to get rid of tummy fat.

Quick Points
  • Amla boosts metabolism and supports digestion.
  • Amla can help you burn more calories.
  • It also helps promote bowel movement and keep the gut clean.
  • Use amla to lose weight and maintain healthy weight.

Here’s why amla juice should be your go-to weight loss beverage: 

Boosts General Metabolism:

Taking amla juice can aid your metabolism. Obesity is often caused by inadequate or improper metabolism in the human body. The toxins accumulated in the body get flushed out when you eat amla or drink amla juice regularly.

Amla detoxifies the body and ensures proper functioning of internal systems

Amla is loaded with anti-oxidants and it is effective in removing toxins from the liver and intestine helping your body to function better. Its juice gives your body detoxifying effects which can effectively boost the proper functioning of the internal systems helping you to lose weight and enjoy a better overall health.

Boosts digestion

By helping your body get rid of harmful toxins, amla ensures that your food is digested well. It basically increases the digestion rate of the body, which makes sure that all the nutrients from the food are absorbed into the body and the waste is expelled completely.

Keeps us full

Being a filling food ingredient, amla can keep you full for a longer time so that you do not feel hunger pangs every now and then. It keeps your body hydrated and prevents you from munching on snacks. This way, you do not fall prey to unhealthy weight gain.

How to make amla juice –
  • Wash the amlas, cut them into small pieces.
  • Crush the pieces in a blender until they are well mashed.
  • Extract the juice and store it your refrigerator.
  • Add one part of amla juice to three parts of water to prepare a mixture.
How to use amla for weight loss
  • Drinking this in the morning flushes out all the toxins from your body leaving you with a great skin.
  • To get the best results, drink amla juice regularly to lose weight.
  • You may mix salt and cardamom powder to make the juice tastier, if desired.
  • You may also make amla and bitter gourd juice for variations as well as added health benefits. This is better for people who are fat and diabetic.

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Hope you liked our post on amla juice for weight loss. Do you want to tell us any other benefits of amla for weight loss? Do share with us in the comments section below!


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