Be Aware Of These 13 Signs Of Depression!

Signs Of Depression
Be Aware Of These 13 Signs Of Depression!

Depression is very common among all of us if we are not aware the symptoms of depression. Sadness, feeling down, having a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities – these are symptoms familiar to all of us. But, if they persist and affect our life substantially, it may be depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. They estimate that 350 million people are affected by depression, globally.

Sign of depression
Sign of depression
  1. Focusing On Small Matters:- People who are depressed tend to focus on small issues that are inconsequential. These small problems may disturb them greatly. They may not be able to see the big picture.
  2. Reduced Sex Drive:- Depressed individuals may experience physical symptoms, which can manifest in an inability to enjoy sex. They may not experience pleasure in the same way they used to.
  3. Loss of Interest In Daily Activities:- People who are depressed may lose interest in their normal, daily activities. This can be as simple as not wanting to go to work, and as dangerous as not wanting to take their medications.
  4. Excessive Sleeping:- Depressed individuals may conversely sleep excessively. They may not want to leave their beds and can spend hours lounging in bed. They may also fall asleep at inappropriate times.
  5. Overeating:- People who are depressed may overeat. Some people mistakenly console themselves with junk food, like ice cream and fast food. This is because eating releases pleasure chemicals in the brain and can provide the temporary yet false belief of feeling better. This feeling doesn’t often last very long.

    Sign of depression
  6. Angry Outbursts:- People who are depressed may get angry without reason. They don’t understand what is happening to their mind and may feel helpless, which can manifest in angry outbursts at inappropriate times and to people who don’t deserve it.
  7. Slowed Thinking:- Some people who are depressed may have a delayed thinking process, for instance quickly forgetting what they were saying or doing. For a youth, this can be difficult in a school setting.
  8. Indecisiveness:- People who are depressed may exhibit indecisiveness in their daily lives. They know that certain activities will not make them happy, so they cannot choose what to do and become indecisive.
  9. Fatigue:- People who are depressed may experience great fatigue. This could be caused by improper sleep. They may want to sleep because they don’t have the will or energy to do anything else.
  10. fFelings of Worthlessness:- Depressed individuals may feel worthless and like no one loves them. They feel like they contribute nothing to society and that people hate them. This can lead to more destructive thoughts, like suicide.
  11. Fixating on Past Failures:- Some people who are depressed fixate on past mistakes and failures. They are insignificant and as simple as burning dinner. However, these simple mistakes can be overwhelming for those with depression.

    Sign of depression
  12. Crying for No Reason:- Depressed individuals may find themselves crying for no reason. They may see a sad commercial on television and start crying. They may start crying during conversations with people. They may also start crying from no direct cause, but their own inner sadness.
  13. Thoughts of Suicide:- People who are depressed may start thinking about suicide. Their self-destructive thoughts can become extreme. If a person confides in you that they have thought of committing suicide, be sure to report it to their loved ones or urge them to talk to a medical professional.


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